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How to Work from Home During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on many business people, both large companies management and SMEs. Many people have been forced to turn their homes into their offices and somehow come up with routines that work.

We all agree it is for the best that we remain indoors and safe, but work has to keep going. This is why we need to know how to work from home and do it effectively. Here are a few tips that will keep you going.

Use Virtual Data Rooms

Flexibility is one of the things that will help you manage your business and your team from home. Luckily, with virtual data room software or subscription, flexibility will not be an issue. This system allows one to store files on the cloud such that one can gain access from any place in the world. This makes sure that company resources can still be shared among authorised individuals to allow normal functioning to go on.

Report writing and sharing can also be done more conveniently, so one does not have to worry about remaining accountable during this season. VDRs are safe, so much that even allowed-access individuals might not be allowed to copy-paste from specific folders. You can use time-saving tools for efficiency, and the support teams are always available on-call in case of any concerns.

Set Clear Working Hours

One of the biggest mistakes people are making during this season is just working when they feel like. You wake up in the morning, create your to-do list but fail to allocate precise hours. What this does is to encourage procrastination. While with resources such as VDRs, you do not have to worry about accessibility based on hours and certain times of the day, it would be better to keep a functional routine. This way, you can keep tabs with everything that needs to be done on a particular day.

Remain Active

Do not just wake up and stare at your computer all day; plan to do some physically engaging tasks to keep your brain and body active. Take a walk around your house, do some light exercises, if you have a staircase, you could go up and down a few times as a form of exercise. The point is to get something that gets your whole body moving. For people with kids, take some time and join in their games. You never know if this opportunity will come again after the pandemic has passed.

Communication is Key

Communication is vital during this season. It would have been easier if you met your colleagues as you did in the office, but since that option is not available at the moment, you still need to find a way to keep your team informed consistently. Zoom and Skype are great video conferencing tools to help you hold a virtual meeting at least once a week. Make sure everyone has weekly targets so that work keeps moving smoothly.

Build Your Skills

You likely have a lot of free time in your hands, even though there is still work to be done. Do not forget to work on your skills. Remember that online course you have wished to take for the last few months, or even years, this is the time to finally do it. It might be that you have always wanted to reorganize your company structure or do a few tests on other products, and this is also a good time to implement such plans.

If the activity does not require that you go to the office, you can set a time to work on them while at home. Hold idea pitching meetings for things you could do to improve certain areas of your business.


The coronavirus pandemic might have disrupted normal business functioning, but this does not mean that we remain hopeless and anxious until we get information that it is safe for us to go back to work. There are still many ways of carrying out normal business operations during this period.

However, do not put so much productive pressure on yourself. This should not be a competition to see who made the most out of the lockdown. Pay attention to your mental health and try as much as possible to remain social.