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How to Turn Your Favorite Cocktail Into an Ice Pop (video)


Ice pops are good. Cocktails? Also good. Combining them, especially in the summer, is a natural fit. After all, you don’t need to add ice to your drink if it’s already made of ice. And what’s more, making your own boozy ice pops at home is pretty easy, as long as you have realistic expectations of your freezer’s capability.

When turning your favorite cocktail into an ice pop, it’s wise to think about how many components of the drink are non-alcoholic. Martinis, for example, are gin and vermouth, without anything to dilute it, making them pretty difficult to freeze. But a vodka lemonade? That’s a great candidate for a frozen pop, since the higher freezing point of the lemonade will help counteract the lower freezing point of the vodka, leaving you with a pleasing slush.

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