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How to Throw the Ultimate Miami Bachelor/Bachelorette Party


South Florida is one of America’s undisputed hotspots for bachelor and bachelorette parties, right up there with the likes of New Orleans and Las Vegas. And nowhere in South Florida do you see more soon-to-be-married partiers than in Miami.

If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party in Miami, it pays to plan ahead. While it’s possible to have a fantastic time flying by the seat of your pants, Miami is a city so rich with activities, food and drink that some research goes a long way.

To help you plan the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party, this article offers a few top tips. The goal here is to have fun and make the most of Miami and the surrounding area.

Take Cocktail Hour On-the-Go with a Party Bike

You want to enjoy a few beverages. You also want to see downtown Miami in all its palm-fringed glory. Luckily, you can do both at the same time with a pedal pub.

Pedal pubs (sometimes called party bikes) aren’t new, but they are a convenient way to turn your cocktail hour into a sightseeing tour. Companies like Party Bike, Bar Bike, Pedal Pub and Cycle Party are all great options. Plus, with the calories you burn on your ride, you can guiltlessly transition to the following activity.

Sample Several Restaurants with Fee-Less Delivery

Here’s the conundrum: You want to sample as much good Miami food as possible, but you only have one dinner to do so.

Here’s the solution: order fee-less food delivery in Miami from several different delivery kitchens. Order fried chicken, Cuban mojo pork, sushi and burgers without breaking the bank on service and delivery fees. It’s a convenient way to sample Miami’s smorgasbord of flavors before you enter the next phase of the evening.

Enjoy the Plethora of Nightlife Options

If there’s one thing Miami’s famous (or infamous) for, it’s nightlife. The city has options for all speeds, all sensibilities.

Want to leave it all on the dance floor? Check out the sprawling clubs of South Beach or the artsier, more laid-back Wynwood nightclubs. More of a pub-going bachelor excursion? Just south of Wynwood, in the Wynwood Art District, you’ll find several classic English-style taverns and dimly-lit haunts. And if you want a more tropical flare from Miami, check out one of the many Latin, Salsa and Bachata dance venues.

Next-Day: Get Some Fresh Air with an Everglades Trip

The day after a bachelor or bachelorette party can go one of two ways: it can be a low-energy “recovery,” or the last chance to fit in some culture and excitement. If you’re interested in the latter, consider getting some fresh air with an Everglades tour.

A 1.5 million-acre stretch of wetlands teeming with diverse wildlife and home to unique cultures, The Everglades are important to South Floridian culture. Plus, the fresh air in this subtropical treasure can dust off the cobwebs of even the hardest night of partying!