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How to Take CBD Oil: Palm Organix Guide 2021


CBD oil is the most popular product from the CBD segment. It has many therapeutic benefits, and one may boost their health or wellness within a month or so. Yet, like any other health supplement, it has instructions and basic precautions which you should familiarize yourself with and follow. Learn how to use CBD oil without any harmful outcomes.

CBD Oil and Benefits

First off, let’s introduce you to the actual phenomenon of CBD oil. It is produced from the cannabidiol extracts directly sourced from the plant. CBD oil contains only “good components”, and is usually limited in THC (not exceeding 0.2%) or it does not have it in the composition at all.

Today, CBD oil may be used for the following purposes:

  • Pain reliever. Our bodies have their own endocannabinoid systems that regulate our sleeping, immunity, as well as pain. When the system can no longer be as effective as before, CBD oil boosts its action, and helps one minimize headaches, back pain, tooth pain among others
  • Anti-depressant. It cannot be fully compared to antidepressants, however, it may reduce stress, anxiety, and relieve depression
  • Acne reducer. CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties, hence, it may affect the development of acne, and reduce its signs on your skin
  • Heart helper. Some studies show that CBD oil may help one with high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeat

Yet, all these therapeutic properties may vary depending on one’s health issue severity. And, you should never forget to consult your healthcare provider prior to starting the self-treatment, and self-diagnosis.

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How to Take CBD Oil?

CBD oil instructions may vary too, and with one product or bottle, you can learn the ways of application. Still, there are the following intakes.

Take It as It Is

You can avoid reinventing the wheel, and simply take the oil as it is. Take CBD oil orally by placing a dropper in your mouth and putting some drops under your tongue. Hold it there for a while before swallowing. It is the fastest method to help the oil be absorbed and start its action.

Go for Capsule Formula

CBD oil may be available in capsules. It is convenient for people who love quick intakes, strange it may sound. This way may take some time for a capsule to be absorbed, approximately 30 minutes. Just ensure you take the right doses mentioned on the label.

Make a Smoothie

Some CBD fans like to add oil to their drinks, in particular to smoothies. There is one possible explanation behind it – they do not like the taste or flavor of the oil, and try to mask it with tastier components. Add half a teaspoon of CBD oil to your drink, and nourish yourself with it. It is good to practice such intakes in the morning.

Prepare with Coffee

Not a smoothie fan? Not a problem, go for CBD oil coffee and provide yourself with boosted energy. Based on users’ feedback, such a mixture can take your anxiety away, however, again it all varies. Half a teaspoon will be enough. Yet, avoid this way if you have heart issues, or do not tolerate the caffeine.

 What About Dressings?

There are people who love adding CBD oil even to their salads, why not? 2-3 or more (based on your preferences) tablespoons of oil will be enough for dressing. Beyond that, you may mix it with olive oil and lemon juice to mask the taste.

Choose Gummies

How do you take CBD oil when you do not want to cook or prepare anything? CBD gummies or other sweet treats are another way of oil consumption. They are easy to take and come in many flavors. Nevertheless, ensure to get to know about the daily dose instead of eating the whole bottle of treats.

Blend It 

If you face any issues with your skin including dryness or irritation, you can add half a teaspoon of CBD oil to the cream or balm, and then apply it to the desired area. It is a pretty good way of reducing any red spots. Yet, you should first try some blended cream on your wrist, and check it for allergies.

So, how to take CBD Oil? In a variety of ways which fit your liking, and mood.

Some additional tips from Palm Organix store:

  • Don’t refrigerate your CBD oil but keep it in a dark place deprived of direct sunlight;
  • Do always read the labels of CBD oil to ensure you get the right dose;
  • It is up to you when to take the CBD oil but the best practice is in the morning;

Finally, never take too much CBD oil if you want to maximize the therapeutic effects. Take only as directed to avoid any side effects.