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How To Stay Safe Being An Uber Driver

If you use Uber you know the drill. Have your driver confirm your name. Check the license plate of the vehicle. Inform other people that you are taking a cab. All these rules are the tips for a passenger who wants to be safe while taking an Uber.

But when it comes to a driver, there are not so many tips. The issue of safety is usually seen from the perspective of the client. However, very often, a driver can also put themselves in danger while being at work.

In this article, you will find a list of tips about how to stay safe being an Uber driver.

Pay Attention To Passenger Rating

Fortunately to both passengers and drivers, Uber gives the opportunity to rate a person you are riding with. This helps the clients to feel safer and know if other people had problems with a driver.

The policy also makes the workers be more aware of their reputation at work and try to keep the rate as high as possible. In many companies, the salary depends on the rates of a driver.

However, for a very long time, the passengers hadn’t known that they were rated too. Nowadays, clients can also see the comments and rates from other people. It makes them also more aware of the behavior during the ride.

The fact that you can see the rate of the passenger who sends you a request plays a huge role in your safety. Usually, if the client had created any problems to the Uber driver in the past, the driver would write a complaint about them in their profile.

Buy a Dash Cam

Many people neglect to have this device in their vehicle. However, it is necessary for your safety as an Uber driver.

First of all, being conscious of the fact that there is a camera in the car, a passenger will be afraid to attack or rob you. Secondly, in case you have an accident because of someone else’s fault, the company will not make you pay damages for a vehicle if you have evidence of it.

Many Uber and cab drivers end up paying a fortune for a damaged car, not being able to prove that the fault is not theirs. But you can avoid this unpleasant situation.

Trust Your Instincts

Has it ever happened to you that the person looked ok, but the gut feeling told you that they could be dangerous? Very often, unconsciously, people are able to analyze the nonverbal cues sent from others and feel the potential danger.

Sometimes it is really worth trusting your instincts, even if there are not so many clear signs of menace. Don’t hesitate to call the police in case the passengers’ behavior is dangerous or might lead to a hazardous situation.

Strangely enough, many people even don’t remember the police phone number. Make sure that you can always call for help in a dangerous situation. Better safe than sorry.

No Cruising For Bruising

You must choose the time and location as wisely as possible. Living in the city, you should know which areas of it are the most dangerous. If you know that some zones are more likely to attract dangerous passengers, try to avoid them.

If you feel unsafe with drunk people, avoid the city center, the areas next to bars and nightclubs. Don’t put yourself in danger for an extra ride.

The hours should also be chosen carefully. For instance, not everyone is able to drive at night. Many drivers feel more tired and disorganized during night shifts. If you feel sleepy and unable to concentrate working at night, choose the time when you are more active.

Let Someone Know About The Place And Time Of Your Work

Many passengers are recommended to inform someone about the vehicle they use. However, this rule also applies to drivers who want to be safe while working.

Tell your nearest and dearest about the time when you start and finish the work. If you go to the zones that you are unlikely to be, also inform them about it. In the digital era, it is very easy to do.

It is always better if someone knows about your location and can call you from time to time in order to check whether everything is good.

The Last Thing:

Let your safety be the priority. Never neglect it in order to earn some extra money. Be prepared for the dangerous situation, even if it’s not very likely to happen. Don’t trust the people you don’t know and always be alert. Remember, that a moment of carelessness regarding your safety can cost you your health or even life.


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