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How to Safely Gamble Online and Minimize Risk

Online gambling should be no different from gambling in a real casino, where security and fairness are paramount. However, over the years, unscrupulous online casino operators have often taken advantage of technological loopholes to rip-off customers.

Nowadays, modern technology provides a high-level of security that makes online gambling as safe, if not safer, than gambling in a casino. That said, it’s still important to check a few key points to ensure that your online casino of choice is following the rules.

Choosing an online gambling site

When gambling online you need to be extra safe, especially when selecting your online casino. Unlike physical casinos that usually need to follow strict licensing laws and regulations, many online casinos operate from foreign countries that lack regulation. For this reason, you need to be especially careful to investigate where a website is based, and what licenses it has.

Most countries will require online casinos to acquire a special license or permit to operate. Some of the most trusted countries for online casino licensing are Malta, the UK, and the Isle of Man.

Check the security of the site

Using an online casino almost always involves sending sensitive personal and financial information over the Internet. This means hackers will target these sites specifically in an attempt to steal your information.

You must ensure that the site you want to use has strong end-to-end encryption on all its communication channels. All online gambling sites should also feature HTTPS security with a valid SSL Server Certificate. You can usually check this by clicking the padlock next to the website address.

What payout and bonuses does it offer?

Good online gambling sites should be clear and transparent about their payout policy. If the terms of the policy are not openly displayed you’ll probably find they contain horrible clauses like delays, high fees, or high minimum withdrawal limits. All of these tricks are designed to try and stop you from getting your hard-earned money.

Bonuses are another factor to consider. Reputable sites with fair betting standards should offer decent bonuses for deposits or referrals. These give you a fair amount of test chips to check that the site is legitimate before spending your own money. You can find several online casinos with a good selection of deposit bonuses at Casinos X.

Random number generator (RNG)

Online casinos don’t have the option to benefit from random card shuffling or spinning roulette wheels to randomize their outcomes. They need to use computers to run an algorithm that provides random numbers or cards for each game. However, due to the nature of computer programming, online casino operates can easily manipulate these algorithms to give themselves a winning edge.

For this reason, independent random number generators (RNGs) are required to ensure transparency fairness across the board. Recently, blockchain technology has proven highly useful in providing solutions for transparent and incorruptible RNG’s. Check your online casino of choice to see what kind of RNG it uses and if it’s trustworthy.

Happy gambling and stay safe!