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How To Prepare Your Body And Mind For The Ultimate Night’s Rest (Video)


Many sleep experts recommend including a short yoga practice in your bedtime routine to promote deeper, more restful sleep. Yoga doesn’t just help prepare your physical body for sleep — releasing muscle tension and inducing relaxation — but also works to quiet the mind to make the switch from a waking to sleeping state much easier.

Thankfully we live in a time when we can access thousands of yoga practices through the click of a button. But which one is right for you?

We’ve compiled a list of the 25 Best Yoga Routines For Sleep: and we promise that whether you’re a veteran yogi who has been practicing for years or someone who is trying yoga out for the first time there is a video for you!

Yoga For Deep Sleep (5 Minutes)

If you’re short on time this “5-minute miracle” class from Boho Beautiful will leave you with no excuse not to fit in that yoga practice. This very basic class can be practiced almost anywhere — even in your bed. The soft tones of the music and beautiful setting of Ontario’s Sandbank Provincial park will help lull you to sleep.

Faith Based Events

You will need:

  • Yoga mat or other comfortable surface (try your bed!)

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Alisa is an avid yogi, health enthusiast and lover of life and especially enjoys a good nights sleep. As a sufferer of insomnia she is passionate about spreading the science of healthy and restful sleep but also enjoys reading a good book, cooking a healthy meal or spending time with her dog Lashka.