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How To Play Slot Machines

On the surface, playing a slot machine seems like a simple task. You crank a lever – and see what lady luck brings to the table. In the case of internet slots, you just have to tap a screen.

But there is more that goes on under the hood. For example, did you know each game has a built-in house edge? In this article, we are going to show you some basic tips on how to play slot machines.

#1 Choose slots with high RTP

That built-in house edge we spoke about earlier? That’s referred to as a return to player. This is expressed as a percentage – and will show you how much you can expect to receive back while you play.

If a slot has a 96% RTP, for every dollar you spend, you can expect to receive 96c back. Keep in mind, that this is not always the case – and the return is calculated over many play sessions. For maximum money back, choose a game with a higher return. There are thousands of games out there and each has a return value.

#2 Play a game you enjoy

Every slot machine is different – and the same is doubly true for online slots. Free spins, multipliers, elaborate wild features – there’s so much variety when it comes to gameplay. The same can be said for themes and design too. Aliens, cowboys, cyberpunk cities – virtually everything has its own slot adaptation nowadays.

It makes sense in this case that you play games that you enjoy. If you don’t like Irish luck themed slots, then don’t play them. Instead, have a spin on one of the other hundreds of games available.

Tip: Want to know all the features of a game? Open up the paytable, this should show you what to expect as you play.

#3 Learn when to stop

Responsible gambling is a must if you play slot games. If you’re on a winning streak, it’s tempting to keep chasing the trail of luck. Or if you have lost, it’s also tempting to try and win back your funds. This is where you need to develop some control and discipline.

It’s also important not to gamble when you are feeling negative emotions. This can lead to a self-destructive play style where you spend more than what you can afford. If you are feeling this way, go for a walk – or spend some time with family.


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