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How To Play Online Roulette

Most of us have seen a James Bond movie. In these movies, casinos are often portrayed as a lavish affair, where billionaires and superstars come to win huge amounts of money. Also, casinos and roulette games are common on the internet and people earn from online games too.

If you are traveling to countries like Singapore or Malaysia, where casinos are a business and contribute significantly to their economy, you may get a chance to visit and play roulette. However, there are some who want to play online and are in search of trusted websites.

About sg96ace

Sg96ace is a popular online casino in Singapore where one can play free online roulette, securely. Their online game attracts a huge crowd because of fast service, which includes an average of 2 minutes for deposit and 9 minutes for withdrawal. They offer customers not only innovative gaming products but quality services, promotions and easy pay after wins. The customer support team is active and vigilant all the time to assist any troubleshooting and assistance needed. Personal information is protected and stored in a strict and confidential manner. 

How to register

There are steps to be kept in mind while registering on sg96ace for playing the game of roulette.

  • One needs to register after filling up of some details
  • You require depositing some funds
  • Then you will be playing, win and withdraw

If one is a beginner and needs some guidance they offer video tutorials which include how to register on a website, how to deposit money, how to make a withdrawal and how to credit.

Introduction to roulette

Roulette comes from the French language which means ‘little wheel’. Casinos are incomplete without roulettes. It is said that roulette was invented by French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. To play roulette one needs basic knowledge of bets, game limitations and some techniques to play big. It can be played in a casino or online.

Unlike in casino where the wheel is rotated manually, in online free roulette game wheel is rotated by software. Roulette game can be chosen online from various websites.

How Roulette is played

While playing roulette game chance or probability is the important factor during betting in grids and stopping of a wheel on the desired number. There are different versions of the game it can be European or American.

Roulette wheel consist number from 1 to 36. The game is very simple one just need to pick one number or a combination of a number and place a wager on it. The dealer rotates the wheel and notes down the number on which the ball stops. If the number is the same, then you will win the bet.

On the online websites also one can experience the same thrill as one would feel in American casinos. There are lists from which you can select the type of atmosphere.

Backtrack– it is the outer rim in the wheel where the ball spins

Even money- it is the bet that pays 1:1

Inside bet- a bet which is placed on a numbered area of the roulette table is known as the inside bet. It will include numbers or a set of numbers.

Outside bet– this is the opposite side of the inside bet. Here the bets are placed in odd and even. It is much safer and beginners are always advised to start with an outside bet as the chances of losing are less.

Straight-up bet– the bet is placed on chips and individual numbers.

There are certain rules to be followed in roulette wheel-like, the American wheels offer the advantage of around 5.26% whereas the European wheel, which has numbers from 0 to 36 the advantage is of 2.63% only.

Advantages of playing roulette online

  • One can enjoy the game from home
  • One can win welcome bonuses and exciting prizes
  • It can be played from a tablet or Smartphone or laptop.
  • Online payouts are quick and accurate. For example when you win roulette online the computer software figures out your account accurately and transfer the money into the account. Therefore the manual calculations are eliminated and accurate information is displayed which has no errors.