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How to Plan Your Dream Wedding in Florida

Destination weddings are all the rage in recent years, and Florida happens to be one of the most wonderful and popular destinations for people looking to get married. The pleasant weather, sunshine and beach background is the perfect setting for a wedding.

Thanks to a great tropical climate, numerous venues and setting options, it is easy and possible to have a customized wedding, just the way couples want. A wedding planner can help you plan your dream wedding in Florida and suggest the best possible locations and themes to suit your concept and budget.

Here are a few important things to plan for your Florida wedding.

  1. Choosing the venue

Florida is famous for its luxurious hotel properties and of course, DisneyWorld but the beaches here are the highlight of the place and what a large crowd comes here for.

Incorporating the coastline into a Miami beach wedding can be perfectly done by a good wedding planner. You could even have a wedding at the beach, a cocktail party in a garden and the rehearsal dinner in a banquet hall; or in a different order. A tropical or oceanic color scheme would be a great theme setting for a beach wedding.

  1. Choosing the time

Everyone loves an outdoor wedding, and the best months for that in Florida are April and May. There is less chance of rain and it is not very hot. Hurricane season is usually from June to November, so you can expect rains during that time. Weddings should be scheduled before spring break to avoid the holiday crowd.

  1. Florida marriage requirements

Any county clerk’s office can provide you a marriage license, which is then permitted for use anywhere in the state. But do keep in mind that there is a three-day waiting period for the marriage license, and you have 60 days to get married once you obtain the license. This is helpful for those from out of town since you can get your license two months before your scheduled wedding.

  1. Menu

A destination wedding must incorporate local elements. So, everything from your wedding décor to the menu and gift bags must have a local flavor. Use the expertise of a wedding planner to create a menu with a local touch. This can include stone crabs, Cuban sandwiches, conch fritters, gator bites, and key lime pie.

You can also create customized gift bags with Florida oranges, scented candles, locally brewed beer, and probably some sunscreen!

  1. Budgets and pricing

Your wedding budget will depend on various factors, but location and season are the most important ones. Miami, for instance, is a very popular wedding destination and is expensive.

November to April is a good season to get married, but one needs to check the dates for local events such as art and music festivals, as hotel rates go up high during these times. A weekday wedding would help you save some money instead of a weekend wedding; especially it is just close friends and family.


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