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How to Plan a Surprise Proposal She’ll Remember for Years to Come

You’ve found the person who makes you smile, brings you joy, and loves you for you. Deciding to pop the question is a big moment, but pulling off a surprise proposal is even bigger. You’ll want to give your partner a surprise proposal they will remember for all the right reasons for years to come.

Make sure you are both on the same page

You’ve likely been together long enough to know that you both feel the same about each other but to be certain, bring up the topic of marriage. Let your partner know that you want to be married someday and ask if they see that for themselves. Even if you two both see marriage in the future it doesn’t mean you have the same timeline in mind.

Find the right engagement ring and keep it safe

Finding the right engagement ring takes time. Your partner will wear this piece of jewelry for the rest of your relationship, so make sure it reflects your partner. Pay attention to want kind of jewelry your partner wears, whether they prefer white gold to yellow gold, simple or intricate. If your partner keeps a Pinterest board, sneak a peek for inspiration or ask a friend who can keep a secret for help.

One thing you will want to figure out is your partner’s ring size. Take a ring they wear often to the jeweler to determine the size. The jewelry personnel at Agape Diamonds LLC are trained to guide you through the diamond engagement ring purchasing process. Agape Diamonds offers unique jewelry at affordable prices including lab diamond rings, natural diamond engagement rings, and synthetic diamonds.

Put together personal touches

Once you are prepared with the right ring, it’s time to put together a proposal. Add personal touches to make the surprise memorable. Think about all the sentimental moments that help define your relationship and incorporate some of these into the proposal.

Go back to the place where you first met, recreate your first kiss, or create a scene from their favorite movie. Do think about what type of proposal reflects your partner. Would they expect a grand gesture and an audience or something intimate?

Hire a professional photographer to capture the moment

You only get one shot at pulling off a surprise marriage proposal, and the best way to capture the true surprise of the moment is to hire a professional photographer. Have a photographer covertly set up at the proposal site to capture the priceless looks on your faces as you take the next step in your relationship.

Turn your engagement day photos into a timeless photo book that you can share with friends and family. Meet IBI comes with 1TB of free online photo storage to keep photos from your mobile device, cloud accounts, and social media platforms securely organized. Unlimited storage has never been easier to manage with a mobile app to store photos and video files until you’re ready to turn them into a photo album.

Create a decoy

Create a fool-proof decoy that will throw them off track but still get them to go along with plans. If you want to suggest how your partner should dress give the right excuse like a special invitation-only event or a work-related cocktail party.

Know where your partner will be coming from on the day of the surprise proposal. If you are planning a weekday proposal, make sure it’s not a hectic day for your partner’s schedule.

Once you make it to the surprise spot, take a breath, get into position, and pop the question. Putting off the proposal could make you more nervous and give the surprise away.

After you get a “yes” you can spend the rest of the time together showing off the engagement ring and enjoying the moment.