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How To Modernize Your Thanksgiving Invitations With Technology

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With Thanksgiving as one of the anticipated holidays, many Americans are looking for new means to step up the family gathering invitations.

As they are looking for ways to modernize their Thanksgiving gathering invitations, many tech-savvy Thanksgiving hosts are now integrating the use of technology to easily map out the people who will join their family gathering on the fourth Thursday of November.

But before you dive into how the tech-savvy Thanksgiving hosts modernize their gathering invitations, let us first have a historical take on how the fall harvest celebration, Thanksgiving, becomes one of the most anticipated American holidays every year.

History of Thanksgiving

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Celebrated every fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving has its share of historical driving points that leads to becoming one of the traditions Americans look forward to experiencing. And with that experience, here are some of the critical events that people collectively practice and integrate throughout the years.


With the Pilgrims’ first corn harvest success, Governor William Bradford hosted a feast for the fledgling colony’s Native American allies, including Wampanoag chief Massasoit. The festival, now known as America’s “first Thanksgiving,” lasted three days.

American Revolution

In 1789, George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving proclamation issued by the national government of the United States, in which he urged Americans to express their gratitude for the successful conclusion of the country’s war of independence and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

New York Annual Thanksgiving

After the American Revolution, New York was the first of several states to adopt an annual Thanksgiving holiday formally; however, each state observed it on a different day, and the American South remained largely unfamiliar with the custom.

And as the years passed by, the American South and every other state have added the Thanksgiving tradition in their calendars and unified the celebration day for people to connect and catch up with the things they’ve done in the past months.

How can Thanksgiving organizers modernize their Thanksgiving invitations?

With the given brief walkthrough of the Thanksgiving tradition, tech-savvy Thanksgiving hosts are now innovating their event invitations by following these technological applications.

And as they are implemented, they can integrate the use of an online QR code generator to bridge their recipients to the techy side of their invitations.

Use of an interactive website invitation

As most RSVP responses are usually sent through email and SMS, the period in receiving their confirmation or rejections varies on how many times the host checks their phones to read emails or texts from the people they invite.

Because of the hassle it gives, many events hosts are now integrating an RSVP response website to lead their guests to write their response and notify them quickly with it.

Through the use of an online survey form

As the online survey is becoming a staple task that many users encounter throughout the day, many techy Thanksgiving hosts are also integrating online forms to gather responses from them. By adding a Google Form QR code in their invites, they can seamlessly lead the people they invite to the online survey form with just a scan from their phones.

Use of a Video invitation

With sending video invitation being one of the technological tools people use to express their invite to the people they invite to important events, many Thanksgiving hosts are also integrating the use of video to invite their family, friends, or colleagues to join them on this occasion.

How to create a QR code-powered Thanksgiving Invitation?

Through the given technological means on how to modernize their Thanksgiving invitations, they can create their QR code-powered Thanksgiving invitations.

  1. Open an online QR code generator with logo website and sign up for an account.
  2. Select the category of the content you want to turn into a QR code.
  3. Generate your QR code
  4. Redesign your Thanksgiving QR code and run a scan test
  5. Download your QR code and attach them to your invitation folios

Now and then, people’s perspectives on tradition change, causing it to become more enjoyable and interesting. However, since changing it means retaining the essence of tradition, Thanksgiving is one activity that undergoes various revisions from one generation to the next.

With QR codes becoming a part of the 21st-century culture for embedding and obtaining information, their use in Thanksgiving invites can help people gather in a technological and exciting way.

As Thanksgiving nears, you can begin making your QR code-powered Thanksgiving invitations and fasten their RSVP response with just a scan from it.