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How to Make Your Online Gaming Hobby Cost Less


As hobbies go, online gaming isn’t one of the most expensive. Some people collect cars or own racehorses. However, everyone needs to live within their means and not everyone has the budget for racehorses. If you’re looking to save a few dollars here and there then there are some tips that can really help you on your way.

Look Out For Bonuses

Some gaming fans have it a little easier than others when it comes to saving money. The simplest way for casino fans to ensure their hobby costs as little as possible is to always look out for bonuses. Slot players can always find sites offering free spins, which means you get extra playtime, completely free of charge. You might find no deposit bonuses, or deposit match bonuses too, both of which are useful for those who prefer roulette or slots.

As Florida inches ever closer to legalizing iGaming, this is going to become even more important advice. Of course, it’s not only casinos that offer bonuses. Lots of mobile games have sales too. If you need to use a paid-for, in-game currency then it’s always worth checking out if the game that you’re playing offers sales. Some games perpetually have sales, others very rarely do. If you’re playing a game that often has one then it’s always worth waiting until sale time before splashing out on in-game currency.

Set Spending Limits

As mentioned, many mobile games use paid-for currency. You’ll usually buy this in small amounts for just a couple of dollars, and these small payments are known as microtransactions. Some mobile games make money through advertising, but microtransactions are the main way that mobile games make their money.

EA allows players to change the amount that they want to spend on microtransactions each month, meaning you’ll not be left with any nasty surprises.

Stick to One Console

Without a doubt, the biggest expense for most gamers is the device that they play on. Mobile is generally the cheapest option, as they’re the kind of gadget that you need anyway. However, most of the big-budget games aren’t available for mobile. The PC is the next obvious choice; the majority of us need one for other aspects of life, so there’s no huge outlay that there wouldn’t have been anyway.

You can get your hands on the vast majority of new games for PC and there’s more often a sale on PC games than dedicated gaming consoles. Some of us, though, really can’t live without an Xbox or Playstation. That’s absolutely fine, but there’s very rarely a need for both! If you know that you have a favorite games developer then do plenty of research on who they release for beforehand. You could save yourself hundreds and hundreds of dollars by sticking to one console over the other.