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How to Maintain Your Brand Identity on Social Media


With an astounding four billion active social media users across the globe, you’re probably already making sure platforms like Facebook and Instagram heavily feature within your marketing strategy. However, maintaining a cohesive brand presence across these giants is easier said than done.

When you spread your message across several platforms, you run the risk of diluting your brand identity, which can lead to puzzled customers and useless marketing efforts. To maintain strong brand identity across social media, here are some top tips to try out today.

Present Your Brand Consistently

The primary purpose of branding is to produce a specific set of emotions and ideas in the mind of the consumer whenever they encounter it. A strong brand exudes a clear message and does so in a consistent way. In terms of social media marketing, the best way this can be accomplished is by using a specific tone and language for social media content. For instance, an entertainment business that produces comedy films would want its brand to be linked with laughter, humor, and having a good time. To evoke such feelings in consumers, they may want to devise content on social media that’s more light-hearted.

Update Your Content Regularly

Linked closely with consistency is regularity. There aren’t many businesses who’ve reached the point where they can work on auto-pilot and let their branding slide. Sure, large corporations like Disney and Apple don’t need to remind consumers of their existence regularly. However, most other businesses have to market and promote their brand frequently to get into the mind of consumers.

When operating on social media, you need to update your content regularly. Should you not do so, you can’t expect your target audience to stick around. Instead, they’ll stop paying attention and go onto other channels for their needs.

Embrace Visuals

Visuals play a huge part in establishing a solid brand identity on social media. While you may have top-notch content across channels, users appreciate excellent graphics and videos too. To catch the attention of consumers, any photos you publish need to stand out. You can use a background changer online which can elevate your visuals, as well as ensure your social media posts are properly sized.

Also, pay attention to video marketing. High-quality videos can draw your audience in and strengthen your brand’s identity. You never know, you could publish a video about your brand that goes viral which is sure to bring immense popularity to your company.

Engage with Your Audience

One of the great benefits of social media is the ability to directly communicate with your audience. To maintain brand identity, having constant back and forth communication between the business and its customers is key. Any concerns from your customers can be dealt with quickly too.

To understand your customer’s stance on your business, focus on what is being written in the comment sections of your posts. If there is any negativity, it’s your job to respond accordingly and keep consumers happy. You may not have the time to do this yourself, so ensure there are staff on hand who can reply to direct queries.

Provide Value to Consumers

An easy way to get consumers to pay attention to your brand is by giving them something useful in return. Any content you publish on social media needs to fulfill consumers’ needs. This will help you stand out and ensure consumers remember you. Make sure you provide well-researched, interesting articles on your social media feed. This will keep readers hooked and keen to find out more about your brand and what you do.

If you put the hard work in, the potential rewards are endless, such as raising brand awareness, boosting conversions, and boosting your reputation with the masses.