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How to Fix Car Scratches


Car scratches happen. As frustrating as it is, it’s a part of life. The important thing is knowing how to fix them.

Make Your Car Look New Again

There are plenty of ways to learn how to fix car scratches. Decide what skill level you have and then choose a method that matches that level.

It might be helpful to prepare a few different ways just in case one doesn’t work.

Use a Repair Kit

What most people do is get a scratch repair kit. There have been a lot of advancements in-car technology. Many quality kits let you fix a car scratch in an afternoon.

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Most kits fix light scratches. If you have a deeper scratch, it may only lighten the appearance of it. Try brands like Meguiar, Turtle Wax, Quixx, and more. Plenty of people have reviewed these kits and will tell you if they work well or not.

They will have instructions that will show you how to fix car scratches.

Get it Professionally Done

If you have enough money for it, instead of learning how to fix car scratches, just have someone else do it for you. A professional will know how to fix car scratches both light and deep. It will save you time and stress. It can get costly though depending on how deep the scratch is.

Try Some Hacks

There are some life hacks you can try if you want something quick and straightforward. These hacks use materials that you are used to, making it easier to learn how to fix car scratches.


Toothpaste actually has scratch removing tendencies because it’s abrasive. Think of it as softer sandpaper that you can use to smooth out the scratch. While it might not fix the scratch completely, it will make it less noticeable.

Duct Tape

What doesn’t duct tape fix? While it’s not a perfect fix, if you use duct tape the same color as your car, it’s a quick, temporary, solution.

Nail Polish

You can use nail polish to learn how to fix car scratches. Nail polish comes in so many colors you can use it to cover the scratch. It’s an inexpensive way to hide scratches.

Shoe Polish

Shoe polish is very similar to nail polish, though people probably don’t have shoe polish on hand. Luckily, it’s easy to find.

Don’t Fix it at All

Maybe you don’t want to learn how to fix car scratches. Maybe you would rather have someone else fix it for you. Maybe you don’t have to fix anything at all.

If you are trying to sell your car, you can use cash for car business. They do junk car pickups and won’t judge you for having a few scratches.

Just type in “cash for junk cars near me” and give them a call.