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How To Find A Trustworthy CBD Vendor?

A simple Google search of “CBD oil” and you will instantly find hundreds if not thousands of companies offering CBD products ready for purchase.

It can be challenging to find genuine and effective CBD vendors that verify the safety, quality and compliance of their products. You can blindly choose to order from the first CBD company that you can find, but you are bound to encounter problems if you do not do your research.

So, how do you find the right CBD oil supplier?

Factors You Need To Verify When Finding The Best CBD Vendor

  1. Sourcing

With the Farm Bill in 2014 passed growing hemp in the United States became easier than ever. States such as Kentucky are popular for choosing hemp as their crop and produce.

US standards only allow the best and high-quality hem stalks. Thus, manufacturers are supposed to use high-quality hemp. But, not all manufacturers and vendors do.

The majority of manufacturers import their hemp from the Chinese and Russian having the lowest grade quality.

So, where should they come from?

Trust the ones who sell CBD products using American grown hemp. For imports, the CBD oil wholesale brands importing UK standard hemp are also trustworthy.

Also, forget about the CBD vendors that are shady about their hemp source. If they can’t or won’t tell you where it came from, make sure to look somewhere else.

  1. CBD Manufacturing Process

The quality of CBD extracts largely depends on its extraction process.

Hemp plants are known to be hyperaccumulators. This plant enriches the soil by not only returning beneficial nutrients but also absorbing metallic waste. Due to this high capacity of absorptions, it is crucial that it undergoes a thorough extraction process in order to formulate pollutant-free CBD.

So, to ensure that a CBD vendor is offering you a high-quality product, check their manufacturing process.

In general, there are 4 CBD extraction processes:

  • CO2 extraction
  • Alcohol-based extraction
  • Dry-ice extraction
  • Solvent-based extraction

Of all these methods, the CO2 extraction is the most thorough, removing all pollutants including metallic waste from the plant. The other 3 extraction processes have varying potencies. However, they lack the intensity of filtering away the impurities of CBD.

Although products manufactured using this method will have a higher price tag, you can ensure that they have better efficiency and safety.

  1. The Amount of THC

This is an important thing you need to consider, especially if you’re living in a state where THC is still illegal, recreationally or medicinally.

The amount of THC in the CBD product could decide your future in the CBD business due to the strict legal issues involved.

The legality of CBD products will be questioned if they have over 0.3 percent THC. Although THC levels of the hemp plant are pretty low and there’s a small chance of going beyond the 0.3 percent limit, most manufacturers and brands add THC externally in order to make their products stronger and more effective than the pure-CBD brands.

Make sure to look for the THC-Free labels on the CBD products. Check their website for any details on THC levels. Make sure to find a supplier that flaunts their compliance in selling only CBD products with less than the standard 0.3 percent THC levels.

  1. Third-Party Lab Tests

This is probably the best indicator of finding a good and reputable CBD vendor and brand. Only the best in the industry will have 3rd party lab test results.

Being a natural substance, CBD tends to change with atmospheric levels and other external factors. In addition, the levels of THC also need to be monitors and any other internal quality assurance system can make a mistake.

Only the best brands and vendors will be thorough in offering CBD oil products of the highest quality via lab tests.

Thus, look for CBD oil vendors and suppliers that test each batch of their CBD products and those that regularly update their website.

Take note that most brands only test for the THC levels. That’s good and all, however, if you have found a manufacturer that uses a third-party lab to check for metallic waste, pollutants and other kinds of impurity, then they are best considering.

  1. Reviews and Testimonials

Another way to check for the credibility of a CBD vendor is by checking reviews and testimonials from their customer base. Any CBD vendor with a website will take the effort to show off their client’s testimonial in order to build some credibility.

Just make sure that the reviews and testimonials are indeed from real people and not fabricated by the company itself.

In addition, check the overall of their website. Does their website give a lot of factual statements and information about the business itself and its products?

The fact that the number of CBD manufacturers and vendors have increased means that you need to be careful and smart in choosing who you buy CBD from. Follow the above checklist and you will surely find a trustworthy vendor that will provide you reliable and high-quality CBD products.