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How to Choose Perfect Bridal Accessories for Your Wedding Day

Once the wedding dress is found, the real shopping begins. The right accessories complete the bride’s look on her special day. The dress should be in a style that flatters the bride and reflects her personality. Accessories should enhance that look without competing with it. Ideally, the soon-to-be newlywed adores them.

From shoes to jewels to handbags, the list is long, and shopping is a treasure hunt. To select the perfect accessories, the bride must ask a few questions before heading out for the hunt.

1. What materials are used in the wedding gown?

If the dress is full of ornate detail, more straightforward accessories such as a sleek purse matching the color of the dress may be your best choice. Shiny material glimmers and glows when paired with subdued accessories. When it comes to accessories, it’s vital to remember that the gown and the woman wearing that gown are the stars of the show. Take swatches of the materials used in your gown when you shop to make sure that the accessories chosen don’t clash with the finished dress.

2. What is the shape of the neckline?

The neckline shape determines the type of necklace you’ll wear. High necklines work well with tight-fitting choker necklaces. If the top of the gown is ornate, chose jewelry with plain and simple lines to complement the look. Plunging necklines call for low-hanging pendants, while off-the-shoulder dresses look great with expansive necklaces. Shop with a picture of your gown to ensure you are making the right choice. If you are looking for ideas, Adina’s Jewels has options.

3. Which metals and stones are in the engagement and wedding rings?

The single most significant piece of jewelry worn on a wedding day is the wedding ring. Hopefully, the ring matches the gown. The accessory pieces of jewelry will ideally match the wedding ring in the type of metal and the metal’s color. Color can be added. If blue stones are included for your something blue, then additional pieces should either match that blue or feature diamonds or plain metal.

4. Do you want traditional shoes or fun shoes?

If a wedding gown covers the shoes, it may seem that shoe selection doesn’t matter much. However, shoes influence how we feel about ourselves. The bride may decide that practical considerations matter more than style when the shoes won’t be seen. However, nothing makes a woman feel special like a pair of beaded heels. Of course, if the dress shows off more leg, then the shoe style should be selected to complete the look. Make sure the shoes are comfortable to keep you happy all day long.

5. Will hair be up, or will it be down?

The hairstyle a bride chooses will impact the choice of earrings. Long earrings look great when hair flows loosely around the bride’s face. Updos are striking, and smaller earrings make a singular statement. Of course, the earrings should blend well with the necklace and bracelets the bride is wearing. Jewelry sets are designed to deliver a finished final look. Consider selecting a set instead of mix and matching.

To get the right look while keeping the focus firmly on the wedding gown, accessories should only be chosen after considering the materials used in the dress, the neckline shape, and the type of shoes you want to wear.