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How to Carry Out Duct Cleaning

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Homeowners should always remember that better air filtration results in better health. Modern homes are mostly better insulated and more air-tight than ever, thus energy efficiency. However, with air-tight homes, there are dangers such as pollen or pet dander posing a problem to the health of the people in the household.

Proper filtration of air in your home will help you to remove these unhealthy particles from the air. Moreover, if filtration systems are correctly fixed, it extends the lifespan of your HVAC home, which will prevent dust and dirt build-up. Fixing standard furnace filters can help remove these particles, chemical vapors, and ozone from your home.

How Is Duct Cleaning Carried Out?

To carry out duct cleaning, you need to know what you are doing, and more importantly, you should have the necessary tools for duct cleaning. However, regardless of the kind of tools, you will be using, you will need to use specific methods.

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These methods are designed to make sure that your ductwork is left clean, and also prevent contaminants from getting into your rooms after the duct cleaning Brampton process is over, and the HVAC system is switched on.

1 – Duct Cleaning Procedure

Duct cleaning starts with an inspection of the HVAC to get the whole picture on the severity of the contamination of the system. Once done, hoses are run through your HVAC system. A high suction is created by mounting of truck-mounted vacuum. All vents are closed to create sufficient space and are cleaned using 250 psi of compressed air. system.

All heating vents in the house are cleaned in the same way with the vacuum hose being switched on over the return air duct.

The air ducts will be cleaned, removing all the dirt and the impurities that could be on the walls of the system. For a maximum duct cleaning Brampton experience, the air whips and scorpion rods are inserted through the small openings on the ductwork which are strategically placed in different locations throughout the system.

2 – Proper Methods of Cleaning the Air Duct

Any equipment used to clean the air duct should yield results and leave your HVAC component very clean. The agitating devices should be able to break loose all the contaminants in your system. Negative pressure which is always inserted into the process allows you to collect the pollutants such as dust.

Very negative pressure will allow even the tiniest particles to be removed from the system. Small particles can become a health hazard as they can penetrate back to the living space once the cleaning has been completed; thus, the need to have an effective collection system.

3 – How to Collect the Contaminants.

During the Brampton duct cleaning, the ductwork should be maintained under negative pressure or vacuum so that the contaminants don’t spread throughout the room.

All the components of the HVAC are adequately cleaned, including the furnace fan air conditioning coil a well as the furnace filter. All-access openings are then sealed, and the furnace is run through a series of tests to ensure that it is working correctly.

Note that since each structure is unique, every HVAC system is fitted differently. In some cases, the technician might need to reach the air ducts by opening the supply registers, or cold air returns and sometimes he may need to create access holes in the ductwork system in order to reach all the areas of your ductwork using different cleaning tools.

To do that correctly, you need to hire a professional duct cleaner as creating these holes and closing them needs a lot of craftsmanship and expertise training.