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How Pepper Jelly is a Convenient Snack for any Trip

When you’re traveling, you want easy, filling snacks that are good to eat on the go. The usual grocery store snacks can be boring and often lead you to crave something salty or sweet afterward. A lot of snacks that are made are also packed with tons of preservatives so they can last longer, and are often high in saturated fats.

Pepper jelly has zero grams of fat and often less than 15 grams of sugar, making it a healthier choice. Pepper jelly also eases any cravings since it has both a salty and sweet flavor, making it the perfect snack for any trip. Here are some ideas for convenient snacks to make with pepper jelly while on a trip.

Make Peanut Butter and Pepper Jelly Sandwiches

This isn’t your classic elementary school lunch PB&J. This recipe adds a twist to this classic lunch sandwich and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. This is a great mid-afternoon snack to have while out and about since it’s loaded with carbs and packed with protein, while also satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Use as a Dip

Let’s face it, those boxed Ritz crackers are delicious, but you can only eat so many until your palette gets bored with them. Instead, use pepper jelly as a dip for any kind of cracker or pretzel. You can also buy some different cheeses and sliced meats to add on top of the cracker for some more protein and energy for your trip. This snack will curb hunger and satisfy all cravings until your next meal.

Use On Normal Sandwiches

Whether you are hiking or on a road trip, you’re most likely going to have sandwiches packed at some point, probably with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. Instead of reaching for the ketchup and mustard, try adding a few spreads of pepper jelly onto the bread. It makes the average sandwich more flavorful and adds just a hint of heat that even the pickiest of eaters won’t mind. 

It Isn’t the “Spicy” You Think It May Be

Yes, there are red pepper flakes throughout the jelly itself, but for even the pickiest of eaters that don’t like anything spicy, this jelly is a crowd-pleaser for all. The pepper flakes are spread throughout the jelly, and it makes them just a tad bit softer so you don’t have to chew them, releasing their heat. They’re also sealed in a jar and the jelly is so sweet that it overpowers the pepper flakes. The sweetness of the jelly is so delicious that it marries perfectly with the pepper flakes throughout.