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How Much Vitamin B12 Should You Take While Pregnant?

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Pregnancy is a period during which the development and growth of a new baby continuously happen inside the mother’s body. It’s crucial to provide all the nutrients and minerals to a growing fetus. Thereby, the baby comes into this world with properly developed organs and lives a healthy life without any health issues. To ensure the baby’s healthy growth, the mother should take a diet including various foods enriched with minerals and nutrients.

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What is vitamin b12?

Like all other vitamins, the human body also demands vitamin b12 to accomplish various mechanisms constantly. Cobalamin or vitamin b12 may nourish your brain and help to generate efficient red blood cells, DNA, RNA, nucleotides, chromosomes, and an inordinate amount of energy.

You know vegetables and fruits are not good sources of vitamin b12. Animal products like eggs, milk, meat, clam, salmon, and other fishes are excellent sources of vitamin b12. You should take proper foods which accomplish your body needs.

Vitamin b12 scarcity in your body causes irremediable health problems, particularly in old age people and vegetarians.

What is the role of vitamin b12 during pregnancy?

Vitamin b12 and folate are indispensable chemicals that are needed during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a critical and fascinating period of women’s lives and demands extra care to save unborn babies at any cost. Vitamin b12 plays a key role during pregnancy, such as;

  • In the first three months the proper formation of fetus all organs takes place. Vitamin b12 helps to produce new healthy cells of the fetus; the aftermath of this is the complete development of body organs and next start the growth of organs. Its deficiency reduces the formation of organs; consequently, the baby produces undeveloped organs known as birth defects or neural tube defects.
  • Vitamin b12 helps in maintaining the homocysteine level in the mother. The mother who has high homocysteine level; gets heart issues, and blood starts to clot in the uterus, blocking the passage through which fetus nourish and eventually leading to fetus death.
  • Many factors influence the mother’s behavior during pregnancy, and she may feel sadness or depression. Like, methyl folate, vitamin b12 also stimulates the formation of happy chemicals that may improve a mother’s mood.
  • Vitamin b12 also prevent the baby from anemia, a condition the body experience red blood cells scarcity.
  • Additionally, its presence reduces the chances of miscarriage or early birth.

How much vitamin b12 should take while pregnant?

According to recommended dietary intake (RDI), pregnant women should take at least 2.6 mcg per day. It would be best if mothers consume vitamin b12 rich foods and accomplish their body’s needs. The suggested RDI value for lactating women is 2.8mcg; because a newborn baby also needs vitamin b12 for its growth, and it only relies on her mother’s milk.

Many parental supplements or pure vitamin b12 supplements are available in the market. Consult your doctor and use recommended supplements.


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