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How Lifting Columns Could Help to Automate Your Home

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You probably have heard about so-called “smart homes.” What are they? Well, a smart home is a concept that comprises the use of sensors and actuators to automate many functions.

There are different platforms such as Amazon Alexa that can help you to turn your home into a smart home.

But, what do you need to automate for your home to be considered smart? Well, ideally, you should automate all the functions of your home. These include lights, thermostats, entertainment equipment, and more.

All the functions listed above can be automated with software only. However, in some cases, you will need to automate things that move. For example, consider the automation of a table. How could you do it to move up and down automatically?

In this case, a device such as an electric lifting column comes in handy. A lifting column provides vertical linear motion. Most importantly, one can control such movement. The linear motion is provided by a linear actuator. Thus, it is also possible to have horizontal motion.

But, what can you automate using these devices? The following list is not exhaustive:

  • Window blinds
  • Standing desks
  • Pergolas
  • Kitchen tables
  • Entertainment centers

As you see, the possibilities are many.

Standing Desks

This is the best-known application of lifting columns. A standing desk is an essential component of a modern office. As more and more people choose to work from home, a standing desk at home is a must nowadays. The main feature of a standing desk is its adjustable height. With the simple push of a button, you can move the desktop up and down. More advanced standing desks can be controlled via a mobile app.

A standing desk allows you to shift from sitting to standing positions while you work. But, why would you want to stand while working? Well, it has been scientifically demonstrated that sitting for many hours during a day leads to life-threatening medical conditions. Obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and hypertension are but a few of the diseases that may result from a sedentary lifestyle.

Alternatively, you can build it yourself. You can buy kits that include all the components. All you have to do is to put the pieces together. Or if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can design your standing desk and buy the necessary lifting columns to power it.

Adjustable Kitchen Worktop and Tables

The same principle of the standing desk can be used in the kitchen. Who wouldn´t like an automated worktop? You could adjust its height to perform any cooking task optimally. Some tasks are better performed seated, whereas others are better performed while standing. It is also a matter of personal liking. Similarly, using lifting columns, you can turn kitchen tables into height-adjustable furniture.

As in the case of a standing desk, you can automate kitchen tables by yourself. You can create the design and buy the lifting columns that best fit your design. There are many alternatives in the market to choose from.

TV Lifts

A TV lift can add a sense of sophistication to any home. This piece of furniture hides your TV set while it is not being used. When you want to watch TV, you just press a button on the remote control and the screen comes out from below.

A lifting column is in charge of moving the TV set up and down as commanded. Nowadays, you can find consoles and cabinets that are already designed to integrate lifting columns. You can design the furniture according to your available space and the size of the TV set. A furniture manufacturer will be able to build a cabinet to your specifications. Then, you can buy the lifting columns of your choice to complete the project.

Window Blinds

A smart home with actuated blinds is the ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication. With the use of lifting columns (or actuators as needed), your blinds can go up and down as you command them to do. Automating window blinds is not a difficult project and the results can be quite impressive.

Smart homes are a reality. The concept of a smart home doesn’t belong to the realm of science fiction anymore. With the help of lifting columns and actuators, you can automate your home.