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How Future Travel May Change After the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic is a scary and confusing time for the whole world. Life as we know it has drastically changed and many of us are on pause while we patiently wait for the virus to subside.

It is a stressful and worrying time that will have a huge effect on the way we travel. If you work abroad, work in the travel and tourism industry or have family that lives outside the country, you may be worried about how the future of travel will be affected during and after COVID-19.

Before new rules can be put in place, we will need to gain a better understanding of the virus and will have to do research into safety measures to reduce the risk of spread and save lives.

Nothing is certain, but here are some of the things that may change.

Public Transportation

Not everyone has the luxury of owning their own vehicle, which can make mobility during the pandemic very difficult. Public transportation creates ideal conditions for spreading disease.  Many new measures will be in place including requiring people to wear certain PPE in order to ride the vehicle, implementing social distancing rules when it comes to seating arrangements and installing plastic barriers between passengers to kill the virus.


If you don’t own a vehicle, then a taxi is the safest method of quick transportation during and after the pandemic. The only issue is that some taxi services will not be operating, in order to protect the health of their drivers and others. Fortunately, Uber is trying its best to support those in need and healthcare workers during the pandemic. A great advantage of using Uber is that the drivers are being made to take special precautions in order to protect themselves and their passengers from the virus. Also, you have many legal rights as an Uber passenger, which is important if you ever get in an Uber accident.


Airlines have been impacted the most due to the coronavirus and the future of air travel will have to change a lot after once the pandemic subsides. Social distancing measures will most likely stay in place for some time after the pandemic is over. These will be applied at the airport and on airplanes.  Passengers may need a good reason in order to travel and airlines may reduce the passenger limits on each plane by keeping them half empty or not permitting sales of the middle seat. Restrictions in the destination country will need to be researched by the airline and passengers too.