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How Does the Technology Behind Live Online Casinos Work?


As the online gambling space continues to grow more and more competitive, many casino platform operators are thinking of innovative ways to set themselves apart from the rest. Some bank on the quality of their gameplay. Others make it as easy and as convenient as possible for people to find them online and create an account.

Most casino operators offer generous bonuses as a promotional incentive. But one great feat of innovation in the online casino industry is the idea of live casinos. If you’re new to online gambling or just gambling in general, then you might not know what live casinos are. Let’s talk about what a live casino is, how it works, and why it’s becoming more and more popular among gamblers.

What is a Live Online Casino?

Well, before we can discuss the innovation of live online casinos, it’s first important to discuss how online casinos are traditionally done. Most online casino platforms run on a software engine called an RNG or Random Number Generator. Essentially, this is a kind of software that is designed to mimic and simulate the probability of real-life casino games. These RNGs are designed to make the online gaming experience as real and as authentic as possible.

It also helps make sure that gamblers aren’t being cheated out of their money because of the random nature of the algorithm itself. For the most part, people have been happy with this kind of setup in their online gambling sites. But in the advent of high-speed internet becoming more accessible to various parts of the world, online gambling has also evolved.

This is where the concept of live online casinos comes in. Rather than having a computer simulate the conditions of a real-life casino game, these live casinos offer something closer to the real thing. In traditional online gambling, let’s say for a game like blackjack, you’re merely sitting at a table and having the computer deal out cards to you. But in a live casino, you’re facing an actual person via an online portal who is dealing the cards out. You’re essentially getting that human experience that you would get in a casino without having to actually be at the casino.

One of the obvious benefits of having this kind of online casino gambling is that it merges the best of both worlds. You still get the mobility and accessibility of being able to play your favorite casino games even when you’re just staying put at home. But you’re also getting that extra thrill of social interaction with a real human being who’s dealing your cards out to you. It makes the gaming experience a lot more authentic in general.

At this time, many online casino platforms are continuing to invest in their live casino features for their sites. Keep in mind that the global online gambling market is worth billions of dollars annually. This is why casino operators aren’t afraid of investing their funds into newer forms of technology and innovation in an effort to have more people use their sites.

How Does it Work?

The way a live online casino works is that the human dealer uses cards with chips that are installed into them. These microchips are incredibly small and are barely noticeable from a visual standpoint. But once these cards are dealt onto a tech-capable table, the chips activate a signal within the table that will transmit data toward the casino’s server.

This data is then transmitted to the players who are online. If there are multiple players at a single table, they will all be receiving the same data that comes from the cards being dealt by the dealer.

It’s not very complex technology, but it’s incredibly effective at what it does. This way, through video conferencing, gamblers are now able to freely converse with one another in a virtual capacity. It adds a personal touch to the online gaming experience and it’s something that many online gamblers seek out whenever they play on the internet.

There are many casino platforms that offer live dealer features on their site. Some even offer 24/7 live dealer services! You just have to find them and try them out for yourself.