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How Do Solar Security Lights Work?

Home security is a topic that always gets lots of attention. Every homeowner wants to feel like they’re doing all they can to protect their families and belongings.

For any security situation, lighting is essential. Its power to deter crime is obvious; criminals won’t try to break in or steal things when they think they’ll be seen. That is why you see lights on after hours inside every business and office, and it’s the reason you see plenty of exterior lights on buildings as well.

Of course, there is a cost associated with lighting, and the impact of security lights on an electric bill can be significant. That is what makes solar security lights so appealing. They provide adequate lighting for security without running up the electric bill. Check out those security lights that are solar-powered and with motion detection to see what options are available.

You can learn more about the best solar lights here, but in the meantime, here are four things you should know about how solar security lights work.

Their Power Comes from the Sun–Reliably

It should come as no surprise that solar lights are powered with solar energy. There is a little more to the equation than just that, however. Solar lights are often misunderstood because people think the lights only work when the sun is out, or at least only for a little while after dark. There may also be an assumption that the lights won’t work if the weather stays cloudy for too long.

That is not the case. Good solar security lights have efficient solar cells that maximize the amount of energy they store and minimize the amount that is wasted. The long life of modern photocells means you’ll get a long useful life from the units, providing worry-free security.

Motion Activation Improves Performance

The only thing better than having lights turned on all the time is having them come on only when needed. For hard-wired lights, this leads to big savings on electricity. Regardless of the power type, it also reduces the wear on the bulbs. The longer your bulbs last, the less likely you are to have frequent (and unexpected) blowouts that leave your property dark.

Perhaps the best feature of motion activation, though, is the alerting power it provides. Whether an area is seen by occupants of the building or by helpful neighbors, a motion light that suddenly activates is a signal that something is going on, leading the observer to investigate further. The result is a greater deterrent to crime.

The Best Lights Use LED Technology

Another key to making the most of solar energy is having efficient bulbs. Over the last decade or so, LED bulbs have shown up in all kinds of applications, from automotive lights to household bulbs. Their development has been a great benefit for solar lights because it helps maximize the light produced from a given amount of solar energy.

LED bulbs are incredibly efficient, generating light that is brighter than traditional bulbs while consuming a fraction of the electricity. That means your solar security lights will be brighter and last longer than those of just a few years ago. You get more bang for your sunshine buck, creating a safer and more secure home.

Flexibility Is Important

No two lighting situations are the same. What works at your place may not be ideal for your neighbor. In any application, your motion-detecting solar lights should be adjustable to provide the best performance.

Look for units that can be directed toward specific areas instead of flooding the whole property with light. Consider the activation delays; families with pets get a lot of false alarms from their lights and may want a unit with a little more tolerance. Also consider the mounting surface, the style of your home, and other factors that will influence how good of a “fit” a particular model is for your property.

For those reasons and more, motion-activated solar security lights are a great way to improve your home’s security while reducing energy consumption. The only decision you’ll have to make is which light is the best for your situation, but with so many quality options on the market, you won’t have any trouble finding one that meets even your strictest demands.