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How Do Cats Keep Themselves Busy Through the Day


Do you find your cat calm and relaxed after returning home? Do you wonder how your tiny friend spends time in your absence? If yes, you are in the right place. We will certainly help you to understand your pet better.

All cats are not the same, so their way of spending time differs. However, most of them love to sleep and eat in your absence. They can also explore something new when you are not around. Let’s explore the ways cats keep busy when no one is observing them. 

1. Your Pet Loves to Sleep

Cats love to sleep. They can sleep throughout the day. On a normal day, these pets need twelve to sixteen hours of sleep. Your cat might get up in the morning. However, once you leave for the work, the creature would prefer to complete the sleep.

You can simply say good night to your non-human friend while leaving your home. You might be thinking about what makes your pet so fresh once you return home. Now you know the secret!

2. Your Furry Friend Likes to Explore

Cats are curious by nature. They want to know about almost everything. Once you leave your home, your pet will stay calm for a few minutes. If they do not listen to any sound or notice your presence, they will start their secret mission. They will search all over the house to find out the things on the floor. 

When you come home, you will not find the things in their places. Cats will have their collection. They like to update their trash with all the available things. However, they are not going to do this in your presence.

3. Cats Would Love to Hunt

Do you think your pet can hunt? If the answer is no, then you will have to change your perception. If you allow your pet to explore outside, they would love to hunt. They can do it every day. When they cannot go outside, they try to do it indoors. You can inspire your pet by purchasing a little toy mouse. You can consider buying a remote-controlled mouse.

You can move the mouse by using your smartphone. Your pet is going to chase it for sure. When you will not be around, the cat will chase the toy throughout. You can easily maneuver the mouse with your smartphone.

4. Your Non-human Friend Waits for You

You might not believe that your pet waits for you. The cat will start missing you when you will be absent for long hours. Once they are done with all their stuff, they would like your presence. While entering your home, you might find your cat watching the garage. It is the indication that your pet is waiting for you.

You will feel nice when you will realize that your pet is waiting for you at home. You will be motivated to finish your work fast and surprise your tiny friend.

5. They Get Bored

When your pet will have nothing to do, the creature will feel bored. Like humans, they cannot stay for long without doing anything. They need something to be busy. If you remain absent for long hours, your cat might feel uncomfortable. There will be nobody to play with.

Once you return home, make sure that you are spending some quality time with the cat. Play and cuddle if you are away for a lot of time. Your cat needs attention to be energetic and active again.

6. Your Tiny Friend Enjoys Food

Yes, your pet might start eating when you will not be seeing. After you leave your home, the cat will first ensure that you are not there anymore. Your pet will enjoy the food alone. You might be thinking that you are making your pet a bit comfortable. But the reality is different.

These creatures love to have food alone. Their ancestors were predators. They get this unique quality from their ancestors. You should create a favorable environment for your pet to enjoy the food.

7. Your Pet Observes Outside through Your Window

Most pet owners do not allow their pets to explore outside in their absence. However, a few permit their pet to roam around. If you will not allow the cat to go out, your pet might sit near the window and observe the outside world. You can buy a suitable cat window perch so that your pet can sit comfortably.

Different types of cat window perches are available. You can find the one that suits your pet. The cat can comfortably sit and try to hunt a bird when it approaches the window. Your pet will feel motivated and energetic.

8. Cats Do Their Stretches

Have you ever seen a pet doing stretches? Your pet does stretch every day when you are not around. You might be thinking why cats need stretches. The reason is that they spend a lot of time sleeping. So, the numbness in the body will motivate them to do some stretches.

9.Eagerly Waits to Listen to Your Footstep

Your pet is emotionally attached to you. The cat waits for your footstep eagerly. Once the pet hears your footstep, it tries to inspire you with a warm welcome. You might have noticed that your pet comes out once you enter the home.

Your pet mostly spends the time sleeping, eating, and exploring. When you are out, the pet will be exploring its world the way the creature wants to. The cat will be having a lot of fun. However, if you stay out for long hours, your tiny friend will start missing you. 


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