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Hollywood’s Final Push To Buy Ex-Golf Course As Owner Plans For RV Park

Lime sludge clean fill being spread to raise the elevation of Hollywood’s old Sunset Golf Course

Hollywood’s hopes of purchasing a former golf course for use as a nature preserve and public park could disappear with the property owner’s new plans to transform the 45.3-acre site into a campground and recreational vehicle park.

The city has earmarked as much as $12 million from last year’s voter-approved general obligation bond to buy the former Sunset Golf Course owned by Richgreens, a limited partnership run by businessman Richmond Italia. But as negotiations have dragged on, Italia has applied for a permit to develop the RV park.

Italia has offered to sell for $14.3 million. In an interview, he explained the number covers his total investment in the property, including carrying costs he’s absorbed since he bought it four years ago and a modest profit. The city recently countered with an offer of $9 million.

With the two sides far apart, city officials including Assistant City Manager George Keller met with Italia and his lawyer Thursday in a last ditch effort to make the sale happen before Italia proceeds with his plans for the RV park. He said the city gave him a letter “clarifying” that the property is zoned for such use.

By Dan Christensen, FloridaBulldog.org, Special to SouthFloridaReporter.com, Feb. 17, 2020


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