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Hiring Software Development Company or Freelancers


Need some help with your website or app? Don’t know where to start? If you are not technical, you need a team or, at least, a developer to make the idea come to fruition.

Should you work with one person only or with a whole team of specialists at once? Hiring developers can be quite a tough process for someone who is not into the area or has little experience.

It depends on a few things. So, let’s find out whom you should hire and why.

Software Development Companies vs Freelancers

Is the best move to find a team represented by a development company or keep looking for a freelancer to fit your business?

Let’s get into the insights of hiring a company first.

Why You Should Hire a Software Development Company

The biggest advantage of working with software development companies is they do everything for you. In other words, you are not looking for or managing developers by yourself. The company does it for you.

Another great reason to work with a company instead of a freelance software developer is the equipment, especially when it comes to mobile app development when you need more than just several devices. Companies handle this issue well. You are not restricted to certain technologies. You can immediately react and make changes according to project needs.

Software development companies are not only about developers. The team consists of product managers, designers, developers, and QAs. Thus, you can get their assistance the moment you need it without searching for a new employer by yourself. But they are more expensive. Keep it in mind if you have a tight budget.

Here are the main pros of working with a company:

  • A team of professionals
  • Managing the whole process
  • Efficient expertise and result guarantee
  • Further maintenance to keep up with customer needs

Usually, clients feel more confident with a company when it comes to development practices and expertise. They can easily reach the company to review the feedback or visit the QArea blog to know what exactly has been done and what the company specializes in.

3 Reasons to Hire a Freelancer

Hiring a freelancer is not that simple. There are two types of freelancers – part-time and full-time. Before hiring one or another, you have to be sure how much time your product requires.

The main advantage of working with a freelancer is a budget. You can get the results without spending a lot of money. If you are still not sure about a budget, start working with a freelancer first. But not all freelancers charge low fees. Be ready to search well to find someone with reasonable price and efficient skills, who works productively.

Another benefit is availability. The market of freelancers is growing fast, especially in the IT sector. Though a professional software outsource agency gives you similar options as well.

The reliability issue is the one you face while working with a freelancer. You cannot be sure a developer will not ghost and leave a project halfway done. In the same way, you cannot be sure about the product quality.

Development companies worry about their professional image. They are concerned about how they are presented. Thus, they care about quality more. They are open to discuss and improve any issues fast.

So, the main reasons for hiring a freelancer instead of a company are:

  • low budget
  • flexibility
  • availability in the market


  1. IT sector is truly in high demand nowadays. For example, the majority of the tasks posted on freelancing platform Insolvo.com are related to programming, designing and copywriting and, I believe, it is more or less the same with other similar services. Your reasons to hire both the Freelancers and software development companies are absolutely correct, however, if I personally had a choice I would have definitely hired a Freelancer. As long as Freelancer’s competencies are properly checked and the right choice is made, you can get so much freedom and flexibility with your project as none of the software companies can offer.