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Here’s What Tampa is Doing to Decrease Their Number of Car Accidents


Tampa Bay, Florida is a large cluster of towns that are all centered around the western coast of Florida. As the city sits on the Gulf of Mexico, it is a lovely beach location.

The city is taking steps to make sure that car accidents are not happening in the future. Plus, this city is ensuring that vacationers who come to the area do not increase the incidence of accidents and make the city’s roads even more dangerous.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has Made a Difference

17,500 fewer crashes happened in the Tampa area because of the spread of COVID-19. This has taken people off the roads and reduce congestion. The city has asked its residents to stay home if possible. Non-essential travel has been reduced, and the roads still have officers waiting to pull over bad drivers.

Because the roads are a little emptier, it is easier to see police officers. Drivers will slow down, and this level of targeted enforcement will remain effective because drivers are afraid of being pulled over or ticketed.

Flashing Wrong Way Signals

A new set of flashing wrong way signals around the city are used to prevent wrong-way crashes. A father who lost his child to a horrible car accident has pushed the city to add flashing wrong way signals in the area. These signals remind drivers that they are going the wrong way, and they can help save lives.

News reports of wrong-way accidents are troubling as most drivers should know where they are going. Even so, there are confused tourists and vacationers who cause accidents in the area every year because of speeding, distraction, and intoxication.

Targeted Enforcement for Road Rage

Targeted enforcement for road rage is an important part of making the city safer. Even as fewer people are on the roads due to COVID-19, road rage statistics are still soaring. Targeted enforcement is a big part of taking care of the people of Tampa. When police officers are lining the shoulder, waiting to pull over bad drivers, everyone slows down. Targeted enforcement can help reduce distractions and speeding. Speeders cause accidents because they cannot drive safely or maintain control over their vehicles.

Plus, distracted drivers need to be pulled over before they hurt someone else. Targeted enforcement makes roads safer, and a consistent police presence forces drivers to remain focused on the road as they do not want to be pulled over.

Targeted enforcement also protects the public from drunk drivers. As officers wait for distracted drivers or speeders, they can see anyone who appears to be intoxicated. Even if someone passes their breath test, they might be so scared by the experience that they will never think of driving drunk again.

Lawyers Help Deter Future Car Crashes

Tampa and the state of Florida allow lawyers to sue for injuries caused by car accidents. A car accident lawyer in Tampa will sue the offending driver for anything they have done to cause an accident. Someone who is overtaken by road rage can be sued and lose everything because they hurt someone else.

Anyone who is driving recklessly can be sued, and someone who is driving while intoxicated can also be sued if they cause accidents. Targeted enforcement only goes so far. These drivers might get away with their bad behavior until they hurt someone else. This is why the city has increased enforcement and is prepared to hear lawsuits arising from car crashes. The city hopes that it can make bad driving too expensive for aggressive or drunk drivers.

Drivers in Tampa are Safer

Drivers in Tampa are safer because of targeted enforcement and the threat of legal action. The city has also seen accidents drop because of the coronavirus pandemic. Even so, road rage still seems to be an issue. Injured drivers should hire a car accident lawyer in Tampa immediately to be remunerated for their pain and suffering.

A lawyer is the only person who can help the family recover. When drivers are shown to be sued for their bad behavior, risky behavior might cease. Plus, the city must keep up targeted enforcement going into Spring Break of 2021.



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