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Here’s How to Cope When You Move to a Warmer Climate

The official nickname for Florida isn’t kidding around. The “sunshine state”  is known for its sweltering weather, high levels of humidity, and more than a few sunburns during the peak days of summer. But that isn’t stopping the countless people who crave near-perfect weather all year round to make the decision to move to Florida permanently.

If you don’t prepare for the heat, you’ll have tons of trouble when you arrive on move-in day. During your move, here are some of the best tips and tricks to follow when you want to beat the heat.

Water, water, and more water

The combination of heat and humidity will make you sweat, especially if you’re lugging heavy furniture up the stairs of your new home. Even if you’re working for short amounts of time, you will be surprised to find how easy it is to get parched in the Florida heat.

A good rule of thumb is to drink water until your urine is clear. You should also drink the occasional sports drink to restore electrolytes lost through your sweat. If you’re not a huge fan of the neutral taste of water, try spicing it up with a few cut-up lemons and pieces of watermelon.

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Wear a hat with a wide brim

Moving into your new home will come with a few problems, but these will be made even worse because of the excessive sunshine. While this is one of Florida’s best features, it can pose a problem when you’re navigating new terrain. Keep the sun out of your eyes with the help of a wide brim. This will help your eyes adjust more naturally than sunglasses when you enter and leave your house multiple times to pick up more boxes.

Move in the morning or early evening

The worst time to move in Florida is midday. In fact, the sun is hottest here from noon until 4 pm, making it a little longer than the northern parts of the country. As such, you should try to avoid moving heavy furniture and boxes during this time. Rather, it’s more prudent to move in the early morning or the early evening for the coolest temperatures.

Hire a quality moving company

The best way to beat the Florida heat is to use the expertise of a quality moving company. When more than 43 million Americans move each year, great movers have plenty of experience traversing a range of landscapes.