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Here Is An Overview of Altcoins That You Need To Know About


As the name suggests, “Altcoins” are cryptocurrency coins apart from Bitcoins and offer more than bitcoins. It is rather the ALTernatives of bitcoin. The idea behind the origin of these altcoins is to offer the utmost value, with minimal risks in comparison to the Bitcoin market.

It provides the features and values that a primary cryptocurrency cannot offer. But, most of the altcoins have been derived from Bitcoin; thereby, each has at least one feature taken from its parent, Bitcoin.

While some altcoins aim to bring new algorithms for transactions and mining techniques, some have better scalability, transferability, token distribution methods, and tangibility. Read on to know more about Altcoins to have an overall better understanding.

Understanding The Types 

  • Stablecoins– Stablecoins are one of the forms of digital currencies that have a backing of physical assets by methods such as fiat currencies, gold to provide maximum assurance. With this rendition, these coins provide a stable value. A combination of both worlds – Fast transferrable qualities with enhanced security.
  • Digital Tokens– This token initiate is working on blockchain technology. It is also used in buying games, NFTs, payments to certain services worldwide. Some examples of such tokens are Ethereum, Tether, Polkadot, etc.

List of Top Altcoins

If you are planning to trade in altcoins with a seamless experience, first, you should know the upsides and downsides of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is one of the costliest cryptocurrencies, which remains out of the hands of many. So, it is always recommended to put investments in crypto where you can afford them.

  • Ethereum

Ethereum comes second to Bitcoin. It holds about 20 percent of the cryptocurrency market. It has become one of the most favorite cryptos for developers, brokers doing trade exchanges online. It is also called the smart contract due to its tangible applications. While the execution of transacting NFTs, these cryptos have all the requirements. It has also been said that ETH might surpass Bitcoin in upcoming years. It has a market cap of above $477 billion.

  • Cardano (ADA)

Created in 2017, Cardano is one of the largest blockchains to be one of the most energy-methodical proof-of-stake protocols. Cardano pursues to bring up a developer-friendly ecosystem for dApps. DApps are also known as decentralized applications. Cardano has about 74 percent of its coins in circulation. Though it does not have an impressive market cap, it still poses a good future. Last but not the least, this makes one fo the finest options to buy the best crypto available in the market.

  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

If you are one of those who use social media, you must have heard about this coin. You may mostly have seen memes on the Internet with a dog giving off weird expressions. That coin is fun and has a great perspective for itself. Coming to talk about the history of Dogecoin, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer found this form of cryptocurrency in 2013. Initially, it was just a joke by the above two software engineers on the hype of the cryptocurrency market.

But now, it is the 12th largest cryptocurrency. The price hit its highest when Elon Musk notified that SpaceX would be accepting doge coins. It hit about 0.63 USD during the week of that announcement. Its market cap is about $20 billion.

  • Solana (SOL)

It was created in 2020, with a starting price of about 0.77 USD. It was launched to help the decentralized finance causes, facilitate smart contracts, decentralized apps use. It is one of the moose ease native tokens, which securely helps any transaction. It also has unique proof-of-history mechanisms. It reached a gain of 22,000 percentage. Its market cap valuation is above 52 billion USD.

  • Polkadot (DOT)

The main motive of the PolkaDot is for an interconnected network of several blockchains. This particular connection will improve any integration, thereby easing the mining process. Due to its unique feature, this particular crypto has got a growth boost since its launch. It was launched in 2020. Its market cap value is about $29 billion.

Even though Bitcoin has the largest market, some think it is better to invest in altcoins due to their added features.


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