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Growing Industries in the Time of COVID-19

The current pandemic and the ensuing lockdown have certainly made an impact on the world’s economy. Most industries that fell prey to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak include retail and travel industries.

But despite this occurrence, there are still several business sectors that were not influenced by the negative socio-economic changes the pandemic has wrought. Here are some of the thriving commercial sectors that could grow bigger due to this event.

  1. Home fitness equipment

Because most countries are in lockdown and governments are strict in facilitating social distancing, many fitness enthusiasts have since relied on home fitness equipment to stay in shape throughout the pandemic.

This has resulted in bigger sales of home fitness equipment in countries like China and the U.S. In the U.K. according to a BBC report, outlets like John Lewis and Halfords are stocking up on prime fitness equipment designed for home use.

  1. Home entertainment

The rapid spread of the newest coronavirus strain has urged many people to practice social distancing and avoid going out for entertainment. The quickest answer for entertainment today is online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube Premium and Spotify.

Along with popular social medial applications like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, the consumer’s entertainment needs are accommodated rather well during this period of self-isolation.

  1. E-commerce

Online services are at their peak. These days, most people rely on online shopping to get their essentials. Food deliveries are in high demand and the same can be said for online grocery shopping.

E-commerce giant Amazon is expected to earn billions due to a rise in demand for protective equipment, sanitizers and various consumer essentials. We can expect such services to grow further to comply with the new normal post-coronavirus world.

  1. Professional cleaning companies

There is constant worry regarding the spread of the virus, and lots of governments and business owners are seeking methods to stop contamination. Hence, the assistance of cleaning companies is needed more than ever. Cleaning companies are authorized to offer deep-cleaning services for commercial and residential areas.

  1. Online casinos

Sportsbooks are experiencing significant losses at the moment due to the cancellations of many games and tournaments. On the other hand, online casinos like Pennsylvania are gaining more traffic due to the lockdown.

The shutdown of brick and mortar casinos might lead to the legislation of new online gambling laws in many states across the U.S. While setting up online gambling sites for U.S. states can take months or even a whole year, this can be a fortunate thing for offshore quality casinos online. There are many exciting and legit casinos from other countries that offer a good range of games, promotions, money deposits and withdrawals that you can check out.