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Great Ways To Spend Your Time In Miami, Florida

When you first think of a holiday in Miami, what are some of the very first things that come to your mind?

Perhaps, Miami doesn’t even need any further introduction. Almost everyone in the world, travel buff or not, might have already heard of this place and everything else that comes with it. Sandy beaches, beautiful sun, nice hotels, shopping districts, and parties left and right–it’s a city that will undoubtedly capture your soul as a traveler.

For starters, it pays well to learn more about some of the fantastic things to do in Miami. That way, you’ll find out that there are so many more you can do, whether with a loved one, friends, or even with your kids!

  1. Invite Yourself To A Scavenger Hunt 

Have you ever considered joining a scavenger hunt while on a holiday?  When attending parties or events, scavenger hunts are some of the most popular team-building activities. Now, the experience is made even better through companies that provide travel scavenger hunts. In Miami, you can join in one, too.

In a Miami scavenger hunt, you’ll have a unique way to see the place and do as the locals do. Plus, it’s an enjoyable thing to do, too. Set aside one afternoon for this, and everyone in your travel group will surely enjoy the experience. How often is it that you can say you’ve joined a scavenger hunt while on vacation?  Now, you don’t have to limit yourself only to the traditional guided or walking tours around Miami.

That said, here are some great reasons as to why joining a scavenger hunt in Miami is a great idea:

  • Gives you a fun activity while also improving the dynamics and relationship of the entire travel group
  • Enables you to try new things while on vacation
  • Pushes yourself to interact with the locals
  • Allows you to explore and see Miami in a way that most tourists don’t 
  1. Visit The Iconic Miami Beach 

Visiting the iconic Miami beach may sound like a common thing to do when going to Miami, but it’s something not for anyone to miss. Whatever type of travel group you’re with, there are many ways for you to enjoy half a day at the Miami beach. Plus, is it even a trip to Miami without a visit to its sandy area?

While along the Miami beach strip, don’t forget to immerse yourself in some art and history, too. There, you’ll come across the Art Deco district where the oddly beautiful buildings have a story to tell. Plus, they look great on the ‘gram! 

  1. Cap Off A Night At The Bayside Marketplace 

Along the strip of the Bayside Marketplace, you’ll find shops and restaurants for you to spend some cash in. But, another way for you to enjoy the Bayside Marketplace is to stay there until the evening. Make this one of your options for a great dinner. While you do so, you can also enjoy live music by some of the best local artists.

You can enjoy any music from Latin to funk, pop, rock, and even some good ole Brazilian and reggae tunes.

  1. Visit The Jungle Island 

If you’ve got children traveling with you, it’s also worth taking a trip down the Jungle Island. For families, this is one of the most popular attractions in Miami to never miss. Jungle Island exposes and treats its visitors to a string of interactive attractions.

The experience will leave your kids with an added sense of adventure and discovery. It’s like a science class, but only so much better, live and not dull.

  1. Play Dominos At Domino Park 

Miami still has a lot of Spanish influence in it. At the Domino Park, you’re going to come across the abuelos who take pride in being Domino kings. In Spanish, abuelo means grandfather, so you’re sure that they are indeed veterans in the game. For the locals, domino can even be considered as the favorite pastime in Miami. So, why not embark on the once-in-a-lifetime experience of trying to beat a veteran Domino abuelo

Does this list make you even more excited to head on a plane to Miami?  Whatever activity it is you fancy, there’s an option for you to go for.