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Grand Jury ‘Could Indict Them All’ Soon For Sunshine Law Violations At Broward Health

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Under Investigation: Broward Health General Counsel Lynn Barrett, Left. Also, Clockwise From Upper Right, Former Commissioner Linda Robison, Ceo Beverly Capasso, Commission Chairman Rocky Rodriguez And Commissioner Christopher Ure (Image: FloridaBulldog.org)

A state grand jury investigation of alleged Sunshine Law violations at taxpayer-supported Broward Health appears to be wrapping up, and sources familiar with what’s happening say one or more indictments are likely.

“I would not be surprised that there’d be an indictment, although there’s no basis for it given the way this matter has been presented to the grand jury by the state attorney’s office,” said Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Bruce Lyons, who represents Broward Health Chairman Rocky Rodriguez.

“It could be one of two things. They could indict [Broward Health general counsel] Lynn Barrett by herself, which I doubt, or they could indict them all.”

Former Miami U.S. Attorney Roberto Martinez represents Barrett. He was out of the country, and a request to discuss the case was referred to attorney Lindsey Friedman, who declined to comment.

Florida Bulldog previously reported that Broward’s grand jury began hearing from witnesses Sept. 27 in the wake of allegations that Broward Health’s board violated state law last December when, at a hastily arranged meeting, it voted 4-1 to fire then-CEO Pauline Grant for alleged violations of a federal anti-kickback law.

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