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Glow-In-The-Dark Hair Illuminates Your Beauty Routine

Glow-In-The-Dark hair

2015 was the year of wild hair trends. And we’re starting off 2016 the same way.

From galaxy shades to pumpkin spice ombres to fiery locks, if it could be justified as a color combination, it existed.

And 2016 will not be upstaged. Just two weeks into the year we’re seeing a new craze light up Instagram: glow-in-the-dark rainbow hair.

Also known as blacklight hair, the style feeds the desire to have fun-colored hair during the day, but takes it a step further. When standing under a blacklight, the streaks illuminate in the dark.

“Glow-in-the-dark is a fun trend that won’t necessarily damage your hair, but keep in mind that bright colors tend to stain blondes,” celebrity colorist Meaghan Frayne of New York city’s Angelo David Salon told Mashable. “Always make sure your hair is conditioned before applying color.”

Manic Panic’s High Voltage Classic Cream Formula Hair Color is the product behind much of the glow-in-the-dark madness. While it’s been on the market for years, the blacklight-sensitive dye is just picking up steam thanks to a few Instagram trailblazers.

Other less permanent products include Splat’s In the Dark temporary hair color, Iglow’s Temporary Glow in the Dark Hair Gel and The Glow Company’s UV Hair Color Rinse.