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Gift Etiquette at your Office Holiday Party

Every year, many people look forward to their office holiday parties. After working hard for the year, it’s a great way to celebrate and get to know your coworkers better. However, you may be wondering how to approach holiday gift-giving at the office and may not know the proper gift etiquette. Especially since not everyone celebrates the same holidays, and you’ll want to be as inclusive as possible. Here are some ideas on how you can give gifts at your office holiday party.

The Gift Exchange
In case you’re not familiar with an office gift exchange, employees draw names from a list of people who work in the office and then they find a gift for whomever they choose in the draw. Typically, these gifts are unwrapped at the holiday party.

If your office suggests a holiday gift exchange, here are some factors to consider:

  • Don’t force anyone to participate. Gift exchanges should be voluntary – if some people aren’t comfortable with it, then you have to respect their boundaries.
  • Set price limits. You want gifts to be as equal as possible and don’t want your coworkers to break the bank. You can decide on an agreeable price limit that works for everyone’s budget. Many people may have to rely on online borrowing options during the holidays due to added holiday expenses. Even though instant payday loans have helped many people through difficult financial times, you’ll want to keep gift prices at what people can afford.
  • Create guidelines. You’ll want to consider gifts that are appropriate, not overly personal, or expensive. By initiating guidelines, you’ll avoid any employees feeling embarrassed or offended when they open gifts in front of each other.

Try an Experience Instead
Some offices opt for more teamwork and camaraderie-based events rather than relying on gifts. You don’t have to include gifts at your end-of-year events. Here are some options to make coworkers feel welcome during the holidays:

Faith Based Events
  • A nondenominational office party. If your office does host a holiday party, make sure that the party is nondenominational as a way to be inclusive. Keep the party neutral, as well as the decorations and invitations – focus on celebrating a successful year at work and encourage morale for the upcoming year.
  • Include families. A generous option during the holiday season would be to invite the families of all coworkers to attend the office holiday party. To do so, your office will have to rent a large enough space, with a variety of games and activities to keep things entertaining.
  • Host a potluck. A potluck at lunchtime or after work can be enjoyable and unify a team. Each employee can bring their signature dish or favorite family recipe.
  • Give back. Some businesses will encourage charitable donations during the holidays. If your company is associated with a cause or non-profit organization, let coworkers or employees know that they are able to participate in acts of community service or make donations.

No matter how your office decides to plan for the holidays, it’s essential to make all employees feel respected and like they’re part of the office culture. Be sure to try an inclusive holiday party or a unique experience with your coworkers this upcoming holiday season.