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Get Rid Of Numerous Photo Folders Using Luminar 3 Libraries

Photo management is a key aspect of professional photography. You may have hundreds of thousands of photos to crawl through. One photo shoot alone could account for several hundred pictures.You need an effective photo management system to quickly and easily locate important shots. 

As a best Photoshop alternative, Luminar has excellent photo management capabilities. This comes in the form of Luminar 3 Libraries. Here’s why this software is a fantastic option especially for Mac users.

What is Luminar 3 Libraries?

Luminar 3 is an advanced photo editing program. Luminar 3 libraries adds photo-management functionality to this amazing software.

Luminar 3 Libraries adds a new toolbar and panel to your Luminar 3 workflow. From this toolbar, you can easily manage your pictures. Skylum, developers of Luminar, has listened to the community – they understand the importance of organization and efficiency. This is why they have developed libraries.  

How can you benefit from using Luminar 3 Libraries?

Photo management can be difficult. Some editing software simply lacks any DAM features at all (DAM = digital asset management). Other software has minimal DAM features that limit your use. This leaves you two options:

  • Struggle with the available management features.
  • Use a third-party program for photo organization. 

DAM is important for the modern photographer as noted in this article here.

Luminar 3 with Libraries removes these frustrations, providing an advanced DAM system that you can use directly in Luminar. This eliminates the need to manage photos in a separate program, or to spend hours trying to locate and organize your pictures.

Luminar Libraries features

Using the libraries feature, you can do the following:

– Easily locate all photos on your device
– Create, edit and delete photo folders
– Move folder locations and photos within those folders
– View multiple images at once in the image wall preview
– Sync current file storage system to the new library function
– Organize photos by different parameters such as capture date
– Add keywords and other metadata to photos
– Rate photos using items such as colors and star rating
– Make quick batch edits to multiple photos

We have broken down the main features into sections below:

Folder management

Libraries allow easy folder management. The right-hand panels show a hierarchical view of your HDD folders. Using this panel, you can organize your folder structure however you wish. You can create new folders with unique names. Also, you can move folder locations and easily change the hierarchy of your HDD. All changes are made live and will update on your actual device HDD too.    

Photo organization

Aside from folder management, you can move and edit your individual photos. As you click on a folder, the photos contained within are displayed in the main photo viewing panel. You can see each photo in a cascading wall. You can then right click on a photo to further manage it. Using this feature, you can delete, rename, move and edit your pics quickly. Furthermore, you can add metadata and keywords.

Rating and locating

Any good DAM system should have a rating and search functionality. As a photographer, you will have hundreds of snaps to work with. Having a rating system allows you to effectively filter your photos. This, in turn, allows you to locate them easier.

Luminar 3 libraries allows you to rate your photos by color and star rating. For example, you could change photos that require editing to red and finished photos to green. The rating system gives you great flexibility. Furthermore, you can search through the photos using advanced parameters. You can use filters to narrow down your search string and find the photos you want quickly.

Quick edits

Finally, Luminar 3 with Libraries enables users to sync their editing. If you edited one photo using HDR software, for example, and tweaked it in Luminar, you can easily apply these tweaks to other photos. Edits made to a single image can be copied and applied to any other photo you select.

Why not give Luminar 3 Libraries a try today? If you work with large volumes of photos, it can improve your efficiency. It can also help identify your best work and speed up the editing process. You can try the free trial version first and then consider upgrading if you find the libraries functionality useful!