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Gameplay in Destiny 2: Everything Beginners Need to Know About the Story, Mechanics, and Combat

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Destiny 2 has a long story which started back in 2017 and still there is an increasing number of newcomers who wish to be a part of this captivating story. If you start playing right away, then you may get lost because you may encounter many things that are incomprehensible to you that need to be explained.

This constant variability of the game is because developers delight regular players with new additions that make changes to the storyline, gameplay, and much more. One of these latest additions is the Witch Queen, which regular players have already started playing and got acquainted with some innovations, as well as a lot of nice novelties related to the gameplay.

If you immediately plunge into the process, then you will begin to ask a lot of questions related to how to level up the character, what is your main mission, and everything that happens in the game. Therefore, before you start playing, you should familiarize yourself with the story, mechanics, as well as combat in which you will participate.

What you need to know about the story

The primary change that has lately occurred is that the developers have decided to remove some narratives as well as visitable locations. As a result, you may find that you are unable to comprehend what is at stake, what events occurred, which personalities are important and much more.

You might be perplexed by how significantly the game has altered. To grasp what your major task is, you must first comprehend the foundations of the story, which you will not be able to learn in the game.

In summary, you will enter the future world, specifically the story of the solar system, where you will be confronted with the fact that you will be on a planet where there is a tremendous battle that never ceases between good and evil.

The conflict is directly between two factions, namely two divine creatures that represent Light and Darkness. As a custodian, you will do everything possible to eliminate all the wicked, or evil, that exists in this game world.

As the game progresses, you will complete various tasks, quests, as well as missions of different difficulty levels, which will increase your level of light, and you will be able to open new types of content.

To level up as rapidly as possible, you’ll need to find and finish tasks like Nightfall: The Ordeal or complete the campaign on Legendary difficulty. If you don’t have any experience, though, you can use Nightfall: The Ordeal Carry to get a quick completion and new gear.

This information will assist you to comprehend who you are and what you need to do in general. However, if you have a few spare hours, you can fully immerse yourself in the game’s entire storyline and its implications.


The first decision you’ll have to make is which character to play. There are many possibilities to consider, but you should concentrate on selecting a class because it will have a significant impact on your future. There are three different alternatives available to you:

  • Titan, destroying everything in his path;
  • A hunter who uses various tricks to attack enemies;
  • A warlock who uses magic.

From this point on, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the adventure and begin completing various objectives. You’ll be able to learn more about the subclasses with various destructive features after some time.


Depending on which class you choose, your character will be able to perform different actions and behave differently in battles. Although everyone will have access to different weapons and will be busy searching for powerful new weapons and armor, you need to know what abilities your character has.

In particular, you will get to know how your character behaves in hand-to-hand combat, how to use grenades, as well as what defensive abilities he has that depend on belonging to a particular class. You will also have the option to adjust these settings in the settings menu associated with your class, where you will find all the information.

Things to do

You have the option to choose how you like to play the most. You can complete various tasks, missions, and quests all alone, or do it all together with your friends. Even if your close friends are not playing this game, in different communities you will be able to join different teams. It’s best to decide on a team, since some missions cannot be completed alone and, in the end, you will automatically join some random team where you will not know anyone and it will be difficult for you to communicate to choose a strategy.

You can do whatever you want, based on your interests. You can engage in combats with other players as well as clashes with non-player creatures. However, keep in mind that if you are still a newbie, defeating your foes, no matter who they are, will be difficult at first.

As the game proceeds, you will go to many locales on several planets, where you will encounter intriguing activities and quests. The Tower, on the other hand, is your primary location. You will be able to bargain with sellers while purchasing weapons or other necessities if you visit this location. Furthermore, the game’s sellers can not only provide you with weaponry but also entrust you with set missions.

You will be able to perform many quests and missions on a simple level initially. As a result, you’ll be able to move around during the game. After you’ve gotten a handle on everything, you can go back and finish tasks you’ve already started at a higher difficulty level. You will get experience, new weapon kinds, and important goodies that you will not receive if you play on simple levels.


With each new addition, the game becomes more and more interesting. However, for beginners, it can be difficult at first, since there is no opportunity to fully become familiar with the storyline in the game. By completing various easy missions, you will be able to gain experience to start completing more difficult tasks that will bring you many rewards, as well as unlock new game content.