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Four Exciting Ways to Bring Your Remote Team Together


The rise of remote working means that employees no longer need to be in an office together to work effectively. Many teams now have employees across the world, from the UK to Australia. However, if you’re managing a remote team, it can be difficult to foster a sense of community and collaboration.

For example, there’s no possibility of going out for a drink after work or hosting an office Christmas party. However, there are exciting ways to bring your remote team together – read on for four of our favorites.

1. Enticing Events

Just because you can’t have a physical meet-up doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy fun events with your team. This will help employees to get closer through happy shared memories.

For example, you could watch a virtual musical or book an experience with a remote mentalist for an exciting group experience. You can all join these activities over Zoom, giving you a chance to connect with your team across the globe.

It will also help to show your employees how much they care about their well-being. Corporate burnout is common in high-pressure jobs and can severely impact your workforce. Events like this will help to keep your staff happy and relaxed.

2. Honesty and Communication

Every manager wants their staff to be as happy and productive as possible. When you’re working closely together, it’s easy to pull them into your office for a chat if things aren’t going smoothly. However, if you’re working remotely, it can be hard to form the relationships needed for effective collaboration.

You should still check in with all of your staff regularly, even over Zoom. This could be a monthly one-to-one meeting, anonymous surveys, or a submissions form where they can voice requests. Your team will be stronger and happier because of it.

3. Host A Trivia Night

The issue with Zoom events is that one person often ends up speaking while everyone else has to listen. This can mean that organic conversations rarely occur. A team trivia night gives your employees an opportunity to organize communication through a clear structure. When everyone split into smaller groups, they may even form closer bonds. It will also improve their collaboration and teamwork skills.

How you run the trivia night depends on your team. For example, if your team is new and employees are nervous, it may make them feel more secure if they can choose their own teammates.

You can give the winning team a prize like an additional day off or a small cash bonus. This will encourage more people to attend and take part.

4. Create An Informal Space

It’s hard to form genuine friendships if employees can only talk over email or during formal meetings. An informal space like a Slack channel or WhatsApp chat will let your team bond outside the workplace.

Many people may feel uncomfortable speaking in a chat if they don’t know many people. You could run informal competitions — such as the best joke or work-related story. This will encourage the team to talk and grow closer. If you don’t have time to manage this yourself, you can speak to a staff member about taking responsibility for the chat and regularly encouraging conversation.

Enjoy A Collaborative Workplace

Remote teams don’t have to be ineffective teams. Helping your team to form bonds will lead to higher employee satisfaction and more productive and effective working.

These four options are a great way to bring any team closer together – no matter what your business niche is. We guarantee your team will feel happier, connected, and more productive.