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Floridians Should Always Hire An Experienced Roofing Company


The roof on any property is first in line for the rain, the sunshine, and of course, the wind. And, as the years pass, it’s pretty normal for some damage to occur. Homeowners may get leaks, become accidental landlords to nesting birds, lose a few tiles, or at some point even need to do some serious repair work on it.

Repairing or replacing roofs involves a serious financial commitment, so there’s no room for error. The very best way to avoid major problems is to hire a respected roofing company like St Augustine roofers who have experience of working in the Florida area, and here we outline the benefits this decision will bring.

An experienced Florida roofing company can advise on Florida roofing regulations

Hiring a decent roofing contractor gives you peace of mind that this side of things is all squared off. For example – whoever works on your roof needs to be licensed for the exact task being done, with the actual materials being used. Certain areas of the state have detailed rules about whether a damaged roof can be repaired or must be replaced entirely, and so on.

An experienced Florida roofing company’s staff know insurance is important

Ideally, they will willingly share evidence of this with you when you first make inquiries about using their services or make inquiries about getting an estimate. Do check the details of their policy closely – is it up to date? Does it clearly cover commercial activities and public liability?

An experienced Florida roofing company can provide references

A trustworthy and accomplished roofing contractor has no fear of sharing the contact details of satisfied customers. Don’t be shy about following these up and asking questions. They will probably have a decent web presence so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding online reviews, too.

An experienced Florida roofing company can provide a comprehensive warranty

It’s not unheard of for a less than reliable roofer to offer a basic warranty – one which, say, covers not just defective materials, but also any issues or problems with workmanship, etc.

An experienced Florida roofing company has a clear policy on sub-contracting

It’s not unusual for sub-contractors to step in and help roofers tackle their backlog when things get busy, but do check that subcontractors are fully vetted, experienced, talented and qualified.

Don’t waste your time even looking at Florida roofing contractors who can’t provide proof of their experience and ability.