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What Flavor Wine Is Your Lipstick? Wait, What? (Video)

Image: Laboitte/Instagram

Okay, Ladies. Here it is, a wine infused lipstick!

A Korean beauty manufacturing company, Laboitte, has released a line of wine flavored lipsticks, and it’s becoming the must have item this season.

Image: Laboitte/Instagram

The lipsticks are in small wine bottle shapes, which Allure says the company describes them as named after a vino varietal and colored to match—Cabernet Red (a deep rose), Malbec Burgundy, (a purplish berry), Nebbiolo Red (a cherry red), and Shiraz Red (a more pink-tinted red.)


Laboitte decided not every woman loves lipstick, wine infused or not, and as Allure added:

If lipstick isn’t your thing—or you simply can’t justify buying another red matte lip product—the brand also offers Wine Lip Tints, which come in six long-lasting shades and cost $12 each.

Or, go for $8 tinted Wine Lip Balm, housed in a goblet-shaped container, or even the Wine Melting lipstick, which cost $14, and come in eight semi-sheer shades designed to mimic the look of actual wine-stained lips. You have a lot of options.

Or, you can focus on your eyes with the brand’s two mascaras in the Wine Collection—one lengthening, and one thickening, infused with nourishing sepivinol, a grape wine extract. Don’t miss the eyeshadow palettes, with neutral shades in both matte and shimmer formulas.

The lip colors, however, remain the stars of this boozy beauty collection.

It’s unknown if you need to be over 21 to wear this lipstick, or what happens if a cop pulls you over?

Tina Yong of Australia posted this review of Wine Lipstick on YouTube: