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Fishing in Key Biscayne: A Complete Guide

Key Biscayne Bridge

Just one look at the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters around Key Biscayne will show you why the town earned the nickname “Island Paradise.” Surrounded by water on all sides, you’ll scarcely believe that you’re just 15 minutes from downtown Miami! This tropical idyll is a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and the Key Biscayne fishing scene just adds to the town’s beauty.

The key is situated in the north of Biscayne Bay, meaning that it’s a great starting point for exploring some prime inshore fishing grounds. These waters offer up more than just shallow-water fishing, however. Head to the edge of the bay and you’ll find productive reefs teeming with fish.

Meanwhile, the Gulf Stream lies just beyond, and offers plenty of surprises. Whatever kind of angling experience you’re looking for, fishing in Key Biscayne has it. So let’s dive in and find out what’s in store.

What fish can I catch in Key Biscayne?

Fishing in Key Biscayne introduces you to a who’s who of Florida fish. From the flats and the beaches to the reefs, and out to the deep, you’ll find plenty of familiar faces biting at the end of your line. The list of fish you can find here is almost endless, so we won’t cover all the creatures you can target. But here’s our pick of the top catches in Key Biscayne.


One of the world’s most sought-after inshore fish, Snook, is abundant in these parts. From the grassy flats to the sandy bottoms of the bay, you can find these fish all over when the season hits. You’d better be ready for action when you feel the bite, as these tough creatures promise to put up an almighty battle to reel aboard.

Snook are highly sensitive to water temperatures, so you’ll only find them here in summer. In fact, a cold snap in 2010 killed off a lot of the species, so they’re heavily protected in Florida. While they produce a delicious kind of meat, you’ll only be allowed to take one of these beauties home with you – and only before June and after September, when they’re not that active! But don’t let that put you off. These creatures are a joy to catch, and snapping a photo with one before releasing it is a worthy reward.


Probably the only creature that trumps Snook when it comes to inshore fishing is Tarpon. The “Silver King” is a true bucket-list fish, as it grows to incredible sizes and puts on an acrobatic display like no other. Leaping out of the water in an attempt to get off your line, Tarpon will leave you lost for words. And its actions often work. The reason this pre-historic fish has survived for so long despite such interest from anglers is that it manages to break the line in many cases!

Fully-grown Tarpon migrate to the deep, so you’ll most likely be going after the young ones on the flats. Be careful, though, as these creatures, for all their fight, are easily spooked. Creep up quietly before casting in order to catch them unaware.

Professional fly anglers love a battle against this beast, which is why fly fishing in Biscayne Bay is so popular. But it really isn’t for the faint-hearted. Whatever level of angler you are, remember to “bow to the King” for your best chance of success.

FishingBooker, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Sept. 25, 2020


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