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Fishing in Cedar Key: All You Need to Know

Locals here have fishing in their blood, as Florida’s Big Bend area is ripe with productive fishing grounds. There are networks of canals and vast grass flats teeming with fish just waiting to be caught. You‘ll also encounter a few tiny keys – it’s no wonder people also call this place “The Other Keys.”

When setting out for some action here it’s crucial to understand the tide’s ebbs and flows. As the water level rises, the fish fill the potholes, and stay trapped there when it drops. You have to wait for the right moment to get your trophy. Thankfully, local anglers provide a wealth of knowledge that you can tap into for the best fishing tips around.

Cedar Key Fish Species

Although this sleepy fishing village may be a hard sell for the kids, passionate anglers value the area’s excellent fishing opportunities. From spring to fall, fishing is the name of the game in Cedar Key. With inshore, nearshore, and even offshore locations packed with fishing holes, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Below are some of the most popular local targets to get you on your way to creating your perfect adventure!


Redfish is the beast that makes many anglers sweat, and is the reason why many anglers return here each year. Big specimens are always a challenge – even for the more seasoned veterans. You’ll need skill and determination, but if you do hook one, it’s a trophy you’ll cherish for a lifetime. This species is the region’s super-star, just don’t forget to bring some heavier tackle. It would be a shame to lose it.

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When going after Redfish in Cedar Key you’ll find yourself surrounded by crystal clear waters that can get quite shallow. This will enable you to spot your target before casting the lure. It’s a dream come true for any fly fishing enthusiasts or anyone looking to sight fishing a go. You can also try sight fishing with light tackle and, while it’s not easy, it’s a great way to test your skills.


This species is so prized that, when exchanging stories, anglers will pride themselves on simply seeing it. And people who’ve managed to land a trophy Tarpon? They become legends. No wonder the fish is called the “Silver King.” When going after Tarpon, the thrill of the chase is the main part, so don’t feel disappointed if you have spent the whole day without getting a big catch. Be patient and hopefully you’ll get lucky.

This King is great for anglers who use light tackle. Catching one like this is a true hallmark of a master angler. Though Tarpon are available all year round, it’s the summer season that provides the best odds of finding a big one. Just expand your search to the nearshore waters and wait for that big rod-bending bite. Be constantly on the lookout, and be prepared to give it your very best.

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