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Have You Figured Out The Lost Sock Dilemma?

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Lost Sock Memorial Day

We don’t know where they go, but we know they’re always disappearing there. Is there some kind of vortex created within the whirl of hot air and tumbling wet clothes that exists within the drier? Or perhaps within the washer there is some form of strange kraken like creature that exists that eats them, and only the left one. Whatever the case, it is an inevitable fact of life that somewhere out there exists an ever growing pile of missing left socks, and Lost Sock Memorial Day is your opportunity to mourn your dearly departed foot warmers, wherever they may be.

Socks have that unique trait amongst all our adornments that they are rendered utterly useless without their companion. Not only would you look ridiculous wearing only a single sock, but your other foot would be cold! So lost socks are a serious problem! The concept of the ‘lost sock’ is so ubiquitous that in Terry Pratchett’s Disc World series of novels, a creature called the Eater of Socks was birthed into existence as a result of an excess of belief rolling around.

Comics have been made illustrating the missing sock monster, illustrating them eating, hoarding, and even wearing all the socks lost throughout the world. Lost Sock Memorial Day is a chance to spend some time in contemplation as to the ultimate destination of the world’s missing socks.


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