AGAIN? Fake Teen Doctor Arrested For Fraud At Car Dealership! (Video)

Fake teen doctor Malachi Love-Robinson has been arrested for fraud in Virginia (via Facebook)

The West Palm Beach teen accused of impersonating a doctor has just been arrested for the fraudulent use of a credit card while trying to purchase a car in Virginia.

Apparently, Malachi Love-Robinson, 19, provided made-up employment information and tried to use his aunt’s credit card at a car dealership in Stafford, Virginia.

There’s no denying, the kid’s got gumption!

Folks at the car dealership said his aunt was with him as he tried to purchase the car, but didn’t know her nephew was trying to use her credit card.

Closer to home, Love-Robinson is in a mess of legal troubles in Florida for allegedly opening a medical practice in West Palm Beach and seeing patients without a license.

He said he was only practicing alternative medicine, which he had the proper licenses and certifications to do.

He’s also accused of stealing money from at least one of those patients.

The case was supposed to go to trial this month, but the case was postponed so Love-Robinson’s attorney,Leonard Feuer, could see whether or not it would be prudent to use an insanity defense.


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