Experts: Early Voting Campaigning Meaningless

early voting
Signs outside a Tamarac early voting location. (

Anyone early voting in recent days threaded their way through a forest of political signs. They navigated pasta scrum of campaign workers shoving palm cards in their hands.

But all that intense campaigning was meaningless.

It was sound and fury signifying nothing, to paraphrase The Bard.

Political experts say that voter contact at early voting locations is largely futile.

There is no proof that votes are swayed or changed by the campaigning outside early voting locations. No one interviewed by could cite research which indicates that early voting campaigning affects a race.

The reason is that the most dedicated and informed voters are the ones who early vote. Most arrive at polling places already knowing what candidates are getting their votes, especially in high visibility races.

By Buddy Nevins,, excerpt posted on Aug. 28, 2016 


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