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Election Day Alternative Ways To Watch Results

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Election day is Tuesday, November 8. If you don’t have cable and aren’t planning to watch the live results on regular TV, you do have a few other options.

Broadcast news streaming

Many of the major news stations will stream or post election coverage online. No cable log-in is necessary to watch these live streams. Broadcasters such as CNN, ABC, CBS (Disclaimer: CBS is CNET’s parent company), NBC and Fox all livestream their news coverage on their websites year-round and election day is no exception. If you just want election results — and not all the other news — look for their dedicated election landing pages, where you’ll find shareable clips and analysis.

CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC all have news apps, so you can also access those streams from your phone.

If you prefer local news, you may be in luck. Plenty of local news sites have streamed election results on their websites in the past, so check in with your local station to see if it will be posting video coverage online. For example, Bay Area locals can tune into KRON 4 to watch its live newscasts on weeknights.

Sling TV

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