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Early Predictions For The 2022 College Football Season


While it’s incredibly early in the year to be making predictions for the coming college football season, we thought we’d take a stab at it anyway! Fans interested in football betting might be wise to keep their eye on all predictions for the season as you never know what could happen.

Let’s take a look at our potential answers to some of the biggest questions on the minds of all college football fans and who some potential matchups could be, along with what might develop into some interesting storylines for certain teams.


One of the biggest questions that many college football fans are asking is: will the SEC continue to hold as many cards as they have in previous seasons? Well, this past season saw Georgia and Alabama meeting in the playoffs for the second time in five seasons. The conference could have a lot of depth to attain in the next tier, no matter whether schools have fresh, green coaches or more experienced ones.

If you take a look at Texas A&M’s recruiting class and the changes that are being made in Florida, you can see what we mean. Tennessee had an excellent season last year and made some interesting moves, so did Arkansas. Will Alabama and Georgia do the big things expected of them after last year?

Even if they don’t, the current firepower in the conference is at an incredibly high level. Another hot topic is: will Alabama’s Bryce Young and Will Anderson be serious Heisman trophy competitors again? In the 2021 season, Bryce Young became Alabama’s first-ever quarterback Heisman winner, with Anderson finishing fifth and just missing out on the Heisman finalists trip.

Both players will be taking the field for Alabama next year and are looking like they could be great contenders for the best offensive and defensive players in the country. We do think that Bryce Young has it in him to give a repeat performance, but if you like defensive players, as we do, it’s also clear that Will Anderson could have one of the best campaigns we’ve ever seen for a defensive player.

Last year saw Young come in second countrywide with a whopping 47 passing touchdowns and 4,872 yards. Anderson was first countrywide with 34.5 tackles for loss, which is 12.5 more than the runner-up, Devin Lloyd. We shouldn’t leave out Ohio State QB, CJ Stroud: he is also a very serious contender as many of last year’s best players will likely be strong contenders going into the new season.

2022’s Top Teams


First will certainly be Alabama. They’ll be losing a lot of good players, but it’s not something they’re unused to as a team. Young players will be stepping up, and they’ll still have Will Anderson and Bryce Young, arguably the best players on both sides, as well as Nick Saban.

The second will likely be Georgia. There’s a lot of talent leaving; players like Jordan Davis, Nakobe Dean, James Cook and a few others, but that still leaves an incredible roster for the year.

The third could be Ohio State. The great wide receivers that the team leans on, the amazing quarterback, and a young defense will likely mean an incredible improvement over last year. They underperformed in terms of defensive players last year, but we think they’ll do a better job in the coming season.

Fourth, we’re looking at Texas A&M. They were on a similar level to Georgia last year. They’ve got a lot of wide receivers in their ranks and lots of important players in the incoming class; they’re going to have a fantastic year.

In fifth place, consider Clemson. While their season didn’t have a great start last year, they picked themselves up and quietly got on with salvaging it. Lots of fans had given up on Clemson even though they were in a lot of top five predictions last year as well. They’ve sustained some heavy losses, but they still have a great team and could really pull through if they strategize well.

Non-Conference Games

As usual, there are a couple of matchups happening outside of the conference that looks like they could be real doozies. These are our top three picks.

Notre Dame at Ohio State: Sept 2022

These two programs have the most wins of all time under their belts. They’ve only ever met on the field a total of six times, and the Buckeyes have a 4-2 advantage. The last time they played against each other was at the Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Day in 2016, where Ohio State came away victorious at 44-28. Notre Dame will be looking to secure an early win as Ohio State has won the last four games in a row.

Georgia vs. Oregon in Atlanta: Sept 2022

Our national champs will come face to face with a team now coached by one of the country’s favorite defensive coordinators, Dan Lanning. He has been with Oregon since last year, and he will be sorely missed by Georgia.

Alabama vs. Texas in Texas: Sept 2022

Last year’s runners-up will hit the road in the second week of the season to take on Texas, which has Steve Sarkisian coordinating their offensive side. He has led the Crimson Tide to victory before, and Texas will be a tough side to beat.

It’s going to be an exciting season, and we can’t wait to see how it plays out! Who will you be betting on?