Home Business Donald Trump Wants Vulture Capitalist Wilbur Ross As Commerce Secretary!

Donald Trump Wants Vulture Capitalist Wilbur Ross As Commerce Secretary!

Wilbur Ross
Donald Trump: I want my Palm Beach boy Wilbur Ross to head U.S. commerce (right)

President-elect Donald Trump is tapping into his Palm Beach neighborhood again to fill vacancies in his cabinet.

After talking to hedge-funder Henry Kravis about the job of Treasury Secretary, Trump is reportedly talking to Palm Beacher Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary.

And not much good could possibly come out of the elderly billionaire and high society stalwart Ross signing on the dotted line.

Ross is what’s known as a vulture capitalist, another Palm Beacher who’s become richer while make others poorer.

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Ross, 78, who lives in a 10,000-square-foot mansion a couple miles north of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago appraised for $22 million, has made a career out of buying failing companies, firing hundreds of workers then selling the companies with huge profits.

With $2.9 billion to his name, Ross spent the campaign legitimizing Trump’s plans to go after China’s commercial interests and renegotiating long-standing trade deals with other foreign countries.

One of Ross’ most controversial deals actually cost lives in 2006, 12 miners from West Virginia to be precise. Ross made a tons of cash with coal mines, and that year, an explosion in his Sago operation killed 12 people. Government findings were that Ross’ company ignored some of the 208 SAFETY VIOLATIONS it was cited for.

We’re wondering what all those miners who voted for Trump will think about that appointment!