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Donald Trump: I’m Doing Thanksgiving At Mar-a-Lago!

Donald Trump and Melania at Mar-a-Lago (Mike Jachles photo)

Donald Trump‘s coming home for the holidays, home to Palm Beach’s Mar-a-Lago that is.

The Donald’s been spending Thanksgiving at his tony private club for some 20 years, and an announcement from the Federal Aviation Administration that there will be major flight restrictions above Mar-a-Lago from Tuesday to Friday indicate he’s coming back.

Chances are, however, he won’t be able to take wife Melania to Muvico Parisian 20 at City Place for a movie like he has also done traditionally.

This will be Trump’s first visit to his part-time home since he won the U.S. presidential election.

It is widely assumed Mar-a-Lago will become his Winter White House, just like John F. Kennedy did with his family’s mansion up the road in the early 1960s.

Yet, it’s unclear how the partial shut down of A1A will play out with finicky Palm Beachers who don’t like to be inconvenienced in the least bit.

And it’s also unclear how the Secret Service will manage to secure the sprawling Mar-a-Lago, which is visible and wide open from the Intracoastal and beyond.

After all, Palm Beach hasn’t been all that nice for presidents elect.

Back in Kennedy’s time, U.S. Secret Service agents who watched the first family in a sprawling 1920s mansion at 1095 North Ocean Boulevard were barely visible. (The mansion, by the way, was snapped up for $31 million from its first post-Kennedy owners last year!)

So, in 196o, an assassination plot to kill the then-president elect by ramming a car full of explosives in to JFK’s car outside the property was stopped in the nick of time.

JFK was saved when an anti-Catholic would-be suicide bomber held back after he saw the president-elect’s wife and children were with him.

The Trumps are currently trying to figure out where they’ll be spending their time after The Donald swears on the holy bible he’ll protect the U.S. Constitution.

It’s just been announced that Melania will not be joining her husband in Washington to live at the White House, and instead will stay in New York where her 10-year-old son Barron is in school.

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