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Does Making Homemade Nut Butter Save Money?


Have you ever wondered how much you can save by making your own nut butters?

Well – I crunched the numbers and it’s actually quite significant.

Whether you like peanut butter, almond butter or something else – keep reading to see how much you’ll save.

If you’re frugal like me, you’ll never buy at the store again!

How These Calculations Were Done

Here’s what I did to calculate the cost savings…

  1. Got the approximate cost per pound of the pre-jarred nut butter (excluding shipping if price was taken from online).
  2. Calculated the approximate cost per pound when buying the nuts by themselves (up to 5 lbs — more money can be saved by buying in greater bulk). This assumes that you already have a blender for nut butter or a food processor they can use to make it.
  3. Created the tables below assuming a smaller family would go through 1 pound of nut butter per week and a larger family would go through 3 pounds of nut butter.

Because I’m a regular shopper, I also have a pretty good idea of how much this stuff costs at the local store.

If I found any online prices that were completely out of the norm, I simply didn’t use them.


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